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hitchhikingYesterday I took the car to a wonderful mechanic–Ponder’s Auto in Johnson City.  If you ever need your car looked at or work done on it, I highly recommend them.  They are very nice, kind, professional, and the tell you the truth, even if it is hard to hear, like it was for me yesterday.

We had a turn signal out and our back windows would not stay up, so our backseat kept getting rained on.  So I took the car in and asked them to fix those two things but to also look over the car and see if there are any safety concerns or things I needed to be aware of.  Our car is pretty old and we knew it was probably running out of steam.  It is a 2000 Buick Regal with over 230,000 miles on it.  We knew it could start getting bad, but we were not ready for the bad news.

We have a radiator leak, which means the radiator needs to be replaced and the thermostat.  Our power steering needs to be replaced, and we have a bad oxygen sensor that needs to be replaced.  All of those repairs are about $1000.  And we also need 4 new tires, which is another 4-500 dollars.  The blue book value of our car is $1500.  So if we made all those necessary changes we would be paying the value of the car.  So we knew then that we would probably have to look at selling it.

When I picked up the car I asked the question I really didn’t want the answer to.  How important/necessary are these changes, and in what timeframe.  Basically, if we are going to keep this car for even 3 months the radiator needs to be replaced.  And when I asked about driving it for Christmas traveling they told me that it wouldn’t be safe to even drive it to Kentucky.

Now, we are in a hard place.  We need to sell our car and buy something new.  We have not been bad with money but we haven’t been able to put aside very much for a car.  So needless to say, after that news, my evening was full of stress.  I was thinking of everything I could possibly sell, and every scenario I could think of.  So please pray for us as we try to sell this car and figure out what to do.  It is a stressful time, but I am trying to remind myself every minute that God will take care of us and he will provide.  So keep me in mind if you know of someone selling a good car, relatively cheap, because we could sure use it.

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Feeling of Accomplishment

A feeling of accomplishment is one of the best feelings in the world.  Having a whole list of things to do and not being able to check any of them off feels like failure, but even if I mark only one thing off I have accomplished something.

Yesterday I was stressed because of all the things on my to-do list and between last night and today I have checked nearly all of them off.  Now that’s accomplishment if I do say so myself.  Last night I finished all of the laundry, did all the dishes, went grocery shopping, and read my Bible.  And then today I made all my phonecalls, paid all the bills, I made dinner, balanced the checkbook, kept up with the dishes, made Rice Krispie treats, and got to watch The Voice last night and tonight.  Talk about marking things off my list!

I only have a few more things to get done before Thursday and I know that I will be able to get them done.  I feel like the more I get done, the more I will be able to do.  Want to know how I was able to get so much done last night and tonight?

Adam wasn’t home.  I always get most of my to-do list accomplished when Adam isn’t around.  When he is, I’m lucky if I get one thing marked off my list.  I think it is because when I am by myself the only thing I can do is mark things off my list.

Yay for this feeling of accomplishment, I predict I will sleep soundly tonight!

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February–a month of ups and downs

If you asked me how my February was I would tell you “Fantastic!”  But then, if I sat down and thought about it, I might have to change my answer.  There were definitely great parts of February, but there were also the bad parts of February.

Our microwave is dying
I found out I have a torn tendon in my shoulder–read about it here
Sleeping on the couch for most of the month
I only read three books
Stress with money
Got strep
Adam was gone studying a lot
Failed at doilies

My birthday!!
I watched almost a movie a day
I read three really great books
I found out I got a scholarship to attend the Religious Communicators Convention in February
Predicted 21 of the 24 ocscar winners
Valentines day with my hubby
Made some really good recipes (yum)
Was a published guest blogger
Watched 6 best picture movies
Got the most “yes”es at the Emmanuel phoneathon
Crocheted a bearded hat
Finally watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
And finally, I have all you wonderful people reading my blog!

Well, the good did outweigh the bad, so I think we can still call it a Fabulous February.  Here’s to a Marvelous March!

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