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Thursday-Morning Tell-About

I cannot believe that it is Thursday already!  This week has gone by so fast.

My Movie Queue: Around the World in 80 Days, Cold Mountain, There will be blood
Pages left to read in my current book:   I’m reading several books and I’m not very far in any of them.
I have made: nothing.  I have been too busy
I have worked on: stretching and exercising my shoulder
Food made: Sloppy Joes.  Tonight I’m making chicken kabobs on the grill–yum!
Goals checked off: none this week.
Games played: Sudoku?
Favorite Pinterest pin:

Total Blog views since last Thursday:  101–I must have been boring this week
Number of snow days: 0
Movies Watched: 1-Melinda and Melinda (this is the fewest movies I’ve watched in a week in a long time)
Books read: The Host, For Parents Only, All for Jesus, For Parents Only, For Women Only: in the workplace, the cure, sandwich with a side of romance, the hound of rowan
This week I love: warm weather
This week I hate: being a staff member on Terrific Tuesday

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Thursday-Morning Tell-About

My Movie Queue: Hamlet, Cimarron, Wings, Top Gun, Stranger Than Fiction, Bull Durham, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Gangs of New York
Pages left to read in my current book:  I have 171 pages left to read in Julie & Julia and 566 in Anna Karenina
I have made: crafty mason jars and canvas art for the bedroom (photos coming soon)
I have worked on: crocheting projects (photos to come soon) and I am re-doing my parents wedding scrapbook
Food made: not much since I was sick and then my parents came to visit over last weekend
Goals checked off: none since last Thursday
Games played: Carcassonne
Favorite Pinterest pin:rain

Total Blog views since last Thursday:  164
Number of snow days: 0
Movies Watched: 6: Bella, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Wings, Training Day, Pitch Perfect, The Best Years of Our Lives
Books read: You Lost Me
This week I love: birthday money
This week I hate: snow without snow days

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Julie&Julia_(Book)I am currently reading “Julie and Julia.”  Some of you might remember seeing the movie a few years ago with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep.  That movie and my newfound love of cooking inspired me to read the book.  I am only a few chapters in but I really love it!  It is such a fun story to read.  If someone hadn’t already done it, I would be tempted to do this exact same thing!  Maybe one day I will cook my way through a cookbook.  However, I can’t help but think of the problems that could arise by my doing this.

1-not being able to cook all the recipes because of food allergies

2-spending hours hunting for strange ingredients

3-having the money to buy ingredients for all of the homemade meals

4-cooking something I don’t like

We’ll see if it ever happens, but I am definitely inspired to do something like this.  I love trying out new recipes.  Maybe one month I will try out a “new recipe month.”  Well, on the other hand, with our food budget, it might have to be “new recipe week.”

I’m curious, have you ever read a book that inspired you to do something?

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Thursday-Morning Tell-About!

Good Morning! And welcome to the “Thursday-Morning Tell-About,” the part of this blog where I tell you about my week.  Yes, I know the week is not over yet, but it’s been a week since last Thursday and I’m starting a tradition here.

My Movie Queue:  Goodfellas, The Warrior, Mrs. Miniver, Patton
Pages left to read in my current book:  100
I have made: Homemade Chai Tea
I have worked on:  That stupid rug I will never finish
Food made:  Apple Pork Chops, quesadillas, grilled cheese, pizza, salad, cereal
Goals checked off:  none I haven’t started yet
Games played:  Adam and I have played lots of hand and foot
Favorite Pinterest pin: 122371314845526229_53aApcUl_c
Total Blog views since last Thursday: 103
Number of snow days: 1
Movies Watched: 4:  The Sound of Music, All the King’s Men, Anastasia, Rendition, Love Actually
Books read:  2: Memoirs of a Geisha and Nobody’s Princess
This week I love:  Cheesy Bacon Grits
This week I hate: running errands
Days until my birthday: 25

Thank you all for reading and for making this blog so much fun to write!
I hope you enjoyed the first of many Thursday-Morning Tell-Abouts

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A Little Introduction

When I was growing up I always wanted to be a writer.  But I soon realized that I did not have the creativity or the patience to be a writer.  So, what better way to fulfill that childhood goal then to write a blog?  Especially a blog about my life.  I have all the raw material I need and all I need is to sit down for a few minutes every day (that might be too ambitious)…every few days and write about what I have done recently.  And since you are reading a blog about my life, it will most likely be about what crafts I have made, what movies I have watched, what books I have read, what recipes I have tried, and other general things I have done with my day, so if none of those things interest you, you probably will not enjoy reading this blog.

This blog is called my life as a “twentysomething” not because I am embarrassed about my age, but because this is a weird stage of life for me, and hopefully I can keep up this blog for most of my twenties.  I just think that would be fun.  I think being a twentysomething is hard because most all of the other twentysomethings are at different places in their life than you.  Twentysomethings have a jumbling of lives I have found.  So this blog is about the life of just one of the many twentysomethings out there.

One of the other reasons that I wanted to start this blog is to set some goals and watch myself reach them.  In February I will be turning 23, and what better time is there to set some new goals then at your birthday?  I am borrowing this idea from my friend Lauren Albrect and titling my goals for this year 23 goals for 23.  I will be working on this list the next few weeks and will post it close to my birthday, so be on the lookout.

I hope that you enjoy reading this blog and seeing a snapshot of my life.  I hope you feel free to comment, like, laugh at me, and steal my ideas because that is why I am posting them on here.  Thanks for reading!

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