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You know why I love weekends?

I am more productive on Saturday and Sunday than I am the rest of the week.  And even though I’m marking things off my checklist I still feel like I am resting and relaxing.

On Saturday morning I wrote a list of everything I wanted to get done this weekend.  My list looked a little like this:
–do the laundry
–do the dishes
–balance the checkbook
–put away the Christmas decorations
–clean and straighten the house
–menu plan
–go to the grocery store
–organize the office
–keep up with the dishes so they don’t pile up
–put the clothes away

Well, I accomplished all of these tasks while also making two homemade meals, with sides, making sugar cookies, exercising, reading my Bible, hanging out with friends, and taking care of a sick husband.

So yes, after this weekend I felt very accomplished.

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Sorry I haven’t blogged for a couple days.  It has been a little busy and I was busy relaxing over the weekend but I guess it didn’t do me any good because I was home sick today.

On Friday I just hung out at home, watched Life of Pi and Playing for Keeps.  Life of Pi was awesome.  I had really low expectations for it and didn’t expect to like it at all, but I really enjoyed it.  Playing for Keeps, on the other hand, I thought was going to be good, but it was not good at all.

Saturday I got to sleep in (yes!) and then I ran a lot of errands with Adam.   I got to pick up Amanda and I’s pottery from last weekend, here is my finished product:IMG_1605Aww, aren’t they so cute?

Also, on Saturday, one of my friends is getting married in about a month and I went to a bridal shower for her.  This is the cute card I made for her:

I was in love with this card.  The shower was super fun and I was so happy to get to help shower Becky to get ready for her wedding.  Afterwards, Lauren and I went to Applebees to hang out together, which was great.

Sunday, Adam and I hung around the house and Jacob and Lauren came over in the evening (love those guys!)

The weekend was good, I just wish I hadn’t been sick today.  I thought I was getting over my string of sickness.  Apparently not.

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Too Fast Weekend

My weekend was way too fast and I did not get very much rest, which I was hoping for.

Friday night I got to hang out with my good friend Becky who I had not gotten to hang out with since before Thanksgiving.  Yeah, it had been way too long.  It was a very refreshing and rejuvenating time.  We talked about our future as ministers wives, and I really had a good time catching up.  When I went home, I was working on the laundry when Adam came home and said he was really hungry.  So we got to go out for a late snack with our other really good friends Jacob and Lauren.  It was great to see them and catch up!  I had to go to bed early on Friday night because I had to work on Saturday (this was my third weekend in a row that I had to work or travel on the weekend.  I could really use a day to sleep in).

Saturday morning I got up bright and early and headed to work for Connections.  Connections is an event at Milligan where students who are planning on coming in for the Fall can come and do their orientation, sign up for classes, and complete their financial aid.  So I answered lots of financial aid questions and my four hours of work went by pretty quickly.  After that, I had brunch with my sister.  And since I didn’t get to see her on her actual birthday, I took her to Into the Fire to paint some pottery (pictures to come).  This is what we did last year for her birthday, so I guess we’re making a tradition.  I’m going to a shower on Saturday and am supposed to wear a little black dress, which I had none.  So I did some shopping with Amanda on Saturday and I am so excited about the LBD I found.  It is so cute!  And it was cheap!

When I got home, Adam and I got ready to go out for a date, which we hadn’t done in a long time.  We went to the theater and saw the movie “42” and absolutely loved it!  We highly recommend it.  Afterwards, we got some Main Street meat lovers pizza, which was delicious!  It was a great date night!

On Sunday I was worn out, and so I didn’t get anything done that I wanted to, but I needed the rest.  The weekend definitely went by way too fast!

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Thursday-Morning Tell-About (Friday Edition)

I literally just looked at my calendar and realized that it is Friday and I totally missed my Thursday-Morning Tell-About!  Life has been crazy around here.  Please forgive me, and here is another Thursday-Morning Tell-About, Friday Edition.  Enjoy!

My Movie Queue: Cold Mountain, The Guardian
Pages left to read in my current book:   Lots in Les Mis and 111 in Silver Linings Playbook
I have made: nothing, but have lots of ideas
I have worked on: Doing Adam’s FAFSA, paying bills, and getting caught up at work.  This weekend will be all about getting caught up at home.
Food made: Dominos Pizza
Goals checked off: none this week.
Games played: Sudoku
Favorite Pinterest pin:lazy

Total Blog views since last Thursday: 185
Number of snow days: 0
Movies Watched: 3: Red Dawn, Around the World in 80 Days, There Will Be Blood
Books read: The Perfect Husband, Red Letter Revolution
This week I love: paying off all my medical bills
This week I hate: a messy house

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This post is untitled because I couldn’t think of anything clever to call it, and also because this post isn’t realy going to be about anything.  I have had a serious headache all day and whenever I tried to think of what I would write about after work, my head started to hurt even more.

My weekend was pretty good.  I think it was relaxing…I can’t really remember what I did.  I do know that it went by way too quickly and I did a lot of laundry.  Last night was the first night that I slept in my bed for a month and a half.  It wasn’t exactly the best night sleep I could have gotten, but a few hours are better than nothing.  My shoulder stayed sore all weekend and is still pretty sore today.  I hope that the medicine eventually kicks in and makes it all worth it.

It has been snowing here all day and it is supposed to snow all night, so I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow, because sometimes you just need a snow day.

Tonight starts the new season of The Voice, and I am super excited.  I mean, how can it be bad when Usher is joining the coaches?

I have woken up early the last three mornings to do my Bible study and it is amazing what a difference it makes in my whole day.  I am, however, a realist and realize that I probably will not be able to keep getting up this early.

I have been really stressed today because of several realizations.
1-I have a lot of bills that are coming due that I almost forgot about.
2-My house is a mess and I have neglected it.
3-There is no food in the cupboards.
4-I will be packing for the RCC Convention at this time yet week (and I’m really nervous about it).

I’m just happy that I now have the grocery shopping finished, most of the laundry done, it is almost time for The Voice and I have all the ingredients I need to make Rice Krispie Treats.  Thank goodness!

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What a Weekend

If how I was feeling on Friday was any indication for how my weekend was going to go, well…it was not going to be good.  I was feeling terrible on Friday, but I made it through work and laid on the couch for the rest of the evening.  We had all kinds of plans with friends on Saturday, and on Friday night we almost had to cancel, but I asked Adam if we could wait and see how I felt in the morning, and it’s a good thing we did because…

In the morning I felt so much better!  All I had on Saturday was a runny nose and my voice was on the fritz.  I sounded like Yoda.  Yeah, not exactly attractive, but at least I felt better.

The first thing we did was go to Brandon and Kristens to play Eclipse.  Now, Eclipse is Adam’s favorite board game and it takes a long time to play and there are lottsss of rules to learn.  We got to Brandon and Kristen’s at 11am and left a little after three.  The time included teaching me to play, playing, and a pizza break.  So I got to check something off my goal list (yay!) and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It was pretty fun, complicated, but more fun than I was expecting, so I guess it was a good experience.

After the game we went home and cleaned the apartment because some of our favorite married people were coming over for dinner: the Albrechts and the Nicols.  It was a fun evening.

Our Sunday was relaxing and a perfect end to the weekend.  My only two complaints were: 1-that it wasn’t long enough and 2-that I didn’t get more sleep.

Do you have any wonderful weekend stories?

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A Quick Weekend

My parents came down to visit this weekend.  It was a really good weekend even though I was exhausted from being sick.  I worked a half day on Friday in order to be able to spend more time with them.  We went out to lunch, hung out at home, had dinner, went to Amanda’s opera and played a game at home.  Then on Saturday, I made breakfast, we played a game, and went out for lunch to celebrate my birthday.  They brought Adam and I a couch and a table that they didn’t want any more and we are really excited about it.

We didn’t have much time to spend together and we didn’t do much, but it was good to have my mom and dad with us.  After they left on Saturday I did some shopping with my birthday money and went home to find Adam and all his friends playing Risk on our new table.  I watched some movies while this game was going on, and the evening ended with my dodging nerf darts because of the nerf war happening in my living room.  Adam and I are still finding nerf darts around the house.

Church on Sunday went pretty well.  I wasn’t feeling good after church, so Adam and I just spent a quiet, relaxing Sunday at home so I could rest.

The weekend really flew by, but it was good.  I just wish it could have been longer.

March is really going to fly by for us.  It is getting busier at work, Adam’s spring break is next week, and it will be Easter before  we know it.  And then crazy April will be here and there is a lot going on then.  I hope you all had a blessed weekend and here’s to a great week!

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Life Update and Funny Friday

I thought I would take some time to update you on my life this morning.  I feel like I haven’t written very much this week.

1-Have have found a new website that I looovvveee!!  It is called goodreads.  It is a website where you can put in all the books you have read, rate and write reviews on them, list the books you are currently reading, and the books you want to read.  I love it.  It is pretty addicting.  And my “to-read” list is growing faster than I can keep up with it.  I added the goodreads widget to the right, so check it out.

2-In case you did not already know, I got the scholarship to attend the Religious Communicators Council annual convention free of charge April 4-6.  I am so excited!  It is going to be a great time of networking and learning.

3-I went to the doctor yesterday about my shoulder.  It turns out they did find tearing in my MRI.  It is not in the labrum, which I do not know if that is good news or bad news, but it is in my bicep tendon.  And the only way to fix this is to have surgery.  There are temporary things they can do to relieve the pain, but nothing will fix it but surgery.  After surgery I will need to be in a sling for 6 weeks and then do 6-8 weeks of physical therapy.  We don’t know when the surgery will be yet, but we need to save some money before it can happen.  Also, since I need to be able to drive to Indianapolis for the convention in April and cannot do that for 6 weeks after surgery, the surgery will probably have to be after the convention in April, so my guess is that it will be sometime in April.  Which is good because hopefully we can have a good chunk saved by then.

4.  I have been dreaming of babies all week!  It has been so crazy!  I have been finding a lot of cute baby stuff on Pinterest for whenever Adam and I decide to embark on that adventure, so maybe it has gone to my head…

5.  I have been working the Emmanuel Phoneathon for a few nights this week and will be doing it a couple nights next week.  It has been lots of hours of calling, many hang-ups, but still good conversations and donations.  It has been a good experience so far.

6.  This is going to be the best weekend ever!  I get to have a birthday celebration with my husband and the Oscars are on Sunday!  Yay!  And then either Thursday or Friday of next week my parents are coming down for my sister’s opera and to celebrate my birthday.  I am excited to spend some time with them, and they are bringing us some furniture that I’m really pumped about!  It’s also potluck Sunday at church, which is a lot of fun fellowship, but also a little stressful for me, so let’s hope that goes well.

7. Random fact:  I have been seriously craving pizza all week and I’m hoping that this weekend, with some birthday money, I will be able to enjoy some warm, cheesy, yummy pizza.  Hmm…I wish I was close enough that Joe Bologna’s would deliver to me!

And now, Funny Friday:
2534Hope that made your friday even better!! I know it did for me 🙂

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Funny Friday






and finally…


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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Last week I bought a box of popcorn (my favorite treat) and there were two codes for free redbox rentals.  So last night I rented Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter because it has been on my “to watch list” forever now.

Almost a year ago I read the book written by Seth Grahame-Smith and I absolutely loved it.  Ever since then I have been waiting to see the movie.  I didn’t get to go see it in theatre and every time I have gone to check it out it isn’t there.  And last night I went to two redbox machines until I found it.

I really enjoyed the movie for it’s action and fight scenes, but I enjoyed the book for its more extensive plot.

It was a fun telling of Abraham Lincoln’s history.  I really thought it was a fun story and really enjoyed it.  Also, the actor they got to play Lincoln is perfect.

So glad I finally got to check this movie off of my list.


And since it has been snowing this weekend, I have watched:  The Dark Knight, lots of Big Bang Theory, The Dark Knight Rises, and Pitch Perfect, again.  And who knows what tomorrow will hold.

Coming soon:  my weekend craft fail!

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