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I was informed that my last post was much too depressing, so here is some happiness.

Happiness Is…

hubbyMy husband


Sweatshirts and sweatpants

rice krispiesRice Krispies


Baked Potatoes





shoesThese Shoes




New crayons

veggie talesVeggie Tales


Snuggling under Blankets


What makes you happy?

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uses for leftover mason jars

I recently made some homemade chai tea and filled 8 mason jars full of tea.  I had bought 12, so I had 4 left that I scowered Pinterest for ideas for how to jazz them up for my house.  Here is what I did with them:IMG_1535Four untouched, clean jars
Homemade mod podge mixture applied to three jars:
IMG_1538 IMG_1539On the first jar, I sprinkled glitter over the area that I glued
IMG_1540And then sat it aside to dry
IMG_1541The next idea I got from pinterest and I had been dying to try it.  I didn’t have any sheet music to glue to the jar, so I wrote my own for our wedding song.
IMG_1542Then I attached it and set it aside to dry
IMG_1544The next one, I wrote our wedding verse in Word and repeated it in different sizes for almost half the page.  I then put a wedding picture in word, made it black and white and blurred the edges and printed it on top of the wedding verse.  I then glued that to the jar.
IMG_1546The last jar I painted blue.
IMG_1547I plan to put some flowers in this jar on the kitchen table.
This is what the jars looked like after they had dried and with candles in them.
IMG_1549I think they turned out really well.  The music one isn’t exactly what I had wanted, but I am still really happy with it.  Yay for new decorations in my house!

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Stretch the Weekend

I wish that the weekend were several days longer than it actually is.  I wish that I had more time to rest and relax.  I usually have a lot to do over the weekend because it is usually the only time that I have to be productive because I am wiped out in the evenings.  That’s why the weekend needs to be longer, so that I have a couple days to be productive and also a couple days to rest and relax instead of trying to fit it all into just a few days.  Anyone with me?

Adam and I decided to celebrate my birthday on Friday because we are both busy today and won’t really get to spend any time together.  So, after work we went to Crazy Tomato for pizza.  It is one of our favorites, and it is pretty cheap.  You get an order of delicious cheesy bread just for sitting down and we got a large pizza for $11 and took three pieces of it home.  It was delicious.  Adam’s gift to me was some shopping money, so after dinner he took me shopping.  It was really fun, and I still have some money left over for some after birthday spending as well.  The only downside to the evening was that I wore these really cute shoes that pinched my toes and gave me blisters.  Adam said I was walking around the mall like someone had just chopped off one of my toes.  Then we just came home, played games, watched TV and relaxed.

Saturday morning I slept in a little longer than usual, which was good since I haven’t been getting very much sleep.  My arm was feeling good so I cleaned the kitchen and did laundry.  Now, don’t think I went crazy.  I was definitely babying my arm but was just trying to get some stuff done that I had neglected.  I watched another best picture movie, “Grand Hotel,” which I really enjoyed.  It is definitely one of my favorites.  I got all the laundry done, the whole kitchen is clean, we had chicken parmesan for dinner, we watched “South Pacific” and played some games, and I got to finish the night off by watching “Pitch Perfect”.  Yay!

Sunday we went to church, enjoyed some fellowship and potluck afterwards (and I didn’t die).  After church I did my grocery shopping, Adam preached the night service, I made some absolutely delicious macaroni and cheese, and I am so sad that I forgot to take pictures for you!  Then I made myself birthday cupcakes and we watched the Oscars.

And today is my birthday J  I have felt the love today.  Yay for another year.  I hope you all had as awesome a weekend as I did.  My only regret is that I didn’t take any pictures!

If you have noticed a lack of “crafty” posts recently, that is because I have discovered how difficult it is to craft without extra spending money, but I have some ideas and some stuff lying around, so maybe I’ll come up with something to share with you soon.

Tonight I will be working another 4 hours at the Phoneathon.  And coming soon, a blog post about my love of scrapbooking!

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