My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…


The Annotated Hobbit–J.R.R. Tolkien
I had read this book once when I was younger and absolutely hated it.  I thought it was boring and hard to understand.  Adam suggested that I read it again, so I did, and I actually really enjoyed it.
Flawless–Sara Shepard
This is number 2 in the Pretty Little Liars series.  I am enjoying these books, but I actual enjoy the TV show more.
The Storyteller–Jodi Picoult
I wrote a blog post review of this book because I thought it was amazing.  Please, everyone, read this book.
The World’s Strongest Librarian–Josh Hanagarne
This is a memoir about a boy with Tourette’s and how he overcame it with weight lifting and reading.  It was a very good book.
The Scorch Trials–James Dashner
This sequel to the Maze Runner was not as good as the first book, but I am interested to see how the series will end.
I Am the Messenger–Markus Zusak
After reading The Book Thief, I was very interested by Zusak’s writing style, so I picked up this book of his.  It has a very intriguing story and I enjoyed the writing style and Zusak’s way of telling the story.  It was an interesting book.
Relish–Lucy Knisley
This is a comic style memoir about her life and how it revolved around food.  It was a fun read.
Longbourn–Jo Baker
Definitely not what I expected this book to be and I found myself disappointed in what it actually was.
Monsters in the Movies–John Landis
So fun!  All the pictures and information about Monsters in the Movies was very enjoyable to read.
Barefoot Contessa Foolproof–Ina Garten
The recipes may be foolproof but I didn’t see anything that I thought I would actually want to eat.
The Silence of the Lambs–Thomas Harris
Pretty good, but I think I enjoy the movie more.  They are pretty similar though.
Discipleship–Dietrich Bonhoeffer
What an amazing thinker and writer.  This book was very good, and I highly recommend it.
Beautiful Leg0–Mike Doyle
A book basically full of pictures of very intricate designs made from legos.
The Royal Ranger–John Flanagan
Such an amazing end to this series.  Love, love, loved it!  Probably one of my favorite series ever.
Champion–Marie Lu
This book was okay.  Really the whole series was just okay.
Perfect–Sara Shepard
Not the best in the series so far.
The Reader–Bernhard Schlink
A beautiful story and a quick read.

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