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Pizza Crust Failure

I am a pizza crust failure.

I have tried to make homemade pizza crust at least four times since Adam and I got married a year and a half ago, and I have messed up every single time.  I have tried different recipes, thinking that was the problem, and still, it does not matter if I use the most tried and true recipe, I still mess it up.

Adam and I were going to have homemade pizzas last night and earlier in the week I had made the Pioneer Woman’s homemade pizza crust.  You make it 2-3 days ahead of time and while it sets in the fridge it is supposed to double or triple in size.  Mine didn’t grow at all.  It stayed the same size the whole time.  And when I took it out yesterday it was all crumbly so we had to go buy crusts to put our toppings on.

This is usually the story with all the crusts I have tried, they do not rise.  I don’t know how I can try so many recipes and still the same things always goes wrong!  What the heck.

Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for homemade pizza crust that I can try, and most likely mess up?
Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

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February–a month of ups and downs

If you asked me how my February was I would tell you “Fantastic!”  But then, if I sat down and thought about it, I might have to change my answer.  There were definitely great parts of February, but there were also the bad parts of February.

Our microwave is dying
I found out I have a torn tendon in my shoulder–read about it here
Sleeping on the couch for most of the month
I only read three books
Stress with money
Got strep
Adam was gone studying a lot
Failed at doilies

My birthday!!
I watched almost a movie a day
I read three really great books
I found out I got a scholarship to attend the Religious Communicators Convention in February
Predicted 21 of the 24 ocscar winners
Valentines day with my hubby
Made some really good recipes (yum)
Was a published guest blogger
Watched 6 best picture movies
Got the most “yes”es at the Emmanuel phoneathon
Crocheted a bearded hat
Finally watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
And finally, I have all you wonderful people reading my blog!

Well, the good did outweigh the bad, so I think we can still call it a Fabulous February.  Here’s to a Marvelous March!

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Crafts–a win and a fail

Weekend Craft Win
Okay, so it’s not a very epic win, and Adam corrected me on it, but I was pretty proud of it.
IMG_1486We had several unmatched socks laying around, and so this is now hanging in our laundry room.  And I happen to like it a lot.

Weekend Craft Fail
I have some doilies that my great-great grandmother crocheted and I think they are beautiful.  Here are a few of them:
IMG_1493  I just love how they look.  I have been inspired by her to make some of my own and to mix some of mine with hers in some decorating.  Well, even though I know how to crochet, this was a totally different animal.  I worked on them all weekend.  I sometimes struggled with the patterns, but could usually figure out what was supposed to be going on.  Here are my doilies, that took my forever to make:
IMG_1495Yeah.  Embarrassing.  Yes, I admit it.  I fail at doilies.
Hopefully one of these days I’ll get over the shame and try again.  Maybe practice makes perfect.


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