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By the Numbers

I know that I haven’t written a post in a while, but it is not because I’m lazy.  It’s because I am busy and plagued with migraines.  Here’s my life update, in some numbers.

3 the number of crafts I have done that I can’t wait to show you–planning to take pictures and post tomorrow, or late tonight.
4 the number of books sitting at home waiting to be read
6 the number of movies sitting at home waiting to be watched
1/2 I am halfway through Downton Abbey Season 3
22 the number of items on my grocery list for today
2 the number of migraines I had this weekend
4:30 the time of my chiropractor appointment today (hoping to get some answers)
10 the number of oreos I want to eat right now!

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Confession Time

Okay, I think it’s time to admit to you that I have a problem.

And my problem is called Oreos.


These are my weakness.  I just can’t help myself.  I see them in the grocery store and I am compelled to buy them, and then eat them all.  They’re just so yummy and wonderful, especially when dunked for the perfect amount of time in a glass of milk.

I’ve tried to limit myself.  I’ve even tried to tell myself I won’t eat sweets for a month.  Who am I kidding?

Here’s how bad I have gotten:
Saturday–Lauren, Amanda, and I shared a whole package of Oreos.
Monday–I bought a family size package of Oreos.
Wednesday–The last of the Oreos were gone after dinner.
Thursday (today)–I bought a package of Oreos on my way home for lunch because I knew there were no more Oreos at home.

Yikes!  I do not even want to think about how many Oreos I have eaten this last week.

Why do Oreos have to be so yummy and addicting?!

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Currently (while on my lunch break)


listening…for the click to let me know that the quesadilla maker is preheated for my chicken and cheese quesadilla

eating…grapes, but I wish it were oreos

drinking…water because we’re out of sugar to make kool-aid

wearing…purple shirt, gray pants, and my house slippers


weather…overcast and warm

wanting…to make some plans

needing…to go to the library

thinking…that I’d like to finish this book so I can start on the next one

enjoying…sitting on the couch and relaxing during my one hour lunch break

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My night in

Tonight Adam went to a friends house to play Risk.  Which meant I had about 5.5 hours in the house to myself.  This is how I spent them:
An evening walk with a walking inspired playlist:
IMG_1958Then, I settled in with a stack of movies and a good book:
IMG_1960I started with Simon Birch and while I was watching I spent some time writing some notes.  (By the way, the movie was really good and made me bawl).
IMG_1962Isn’t that a cute “T” stamp?  I love it!
Then, my delicious Dominos hand tossed cheese pizza arrived.  And boy was it delicious!!  Gotta love extra cheese
IMG_1963After my yummy dinner and my movie was over, I had a nice chat with my mother and then I put in another movie, Top Hat, which I also really enjoyed.  And did some self pampering.
IMG_1964And to top it off, milk’s favorite cookie and mine.  The perfect end to my evening!
It was a great night, but I was definitely happy for Adam to be home.

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