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Welcome Back

It has been so busy around here.  I haven’t had time to blog.  I have been busy the last two weeks getting ready for registration and it’s here.  Yesterday and today are registration days which are very hectic for financial aid.  But I’m glad that the students are back.  So, welcome back students.

I also wanted to say to myself: “Welcome back to Pinterest!”  Since I was ahead of schedule this morning before work I took some time to welcome myself back to Pinterest.  Here are some of my favorite pins from my pinning this morning:

1I wish I had a princess apron 🙂
2I wish I had a cute bench to decorate.  Or a place to put a cute bench like this.

And this is for my father and my grandfather:  Enjoy!


I have sure missed Pinterest!

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Move In Day

Today is move in day for new students at Milligan College.  And while I am not moving in today I did work in the Financial Aid Office this morning to answer any questions.  And I got to thinking about my past move in days.

move in 2008On move in day (2008) at Anderson, I did not know anyone.  I was so nervous.  I only barely knew my roommate, Lyndsay.  We had met once before moving in.  Since I didn’t know anyone I had a great experience meeting everyone and making new friends.  The first week of school we had dorm Olympics and theme nights.  It was a really fun and great way to get to know everyone.  I had a great freshman year at Anderson and made a lot of great friends.
move in 2009 This is a picture from move in day 2009 to Milligan College.  This was a different kind of move in day.  I knew Adam, we had been dating for 4 months at this point, but I did not know anyone else.  Again, I had barely talked to my roommate before moving in, but I had Adam.  The move in experience was different this year because I was coming in as a transfer so I didn’t feel like I fit with everyone else because I wasn’t a freshman.  I still went to all the new student activities, but I didn’t end up becoming friends with that group until much later.  Most of my friends ended up being Adams friends.  It was a really good, but really different experience.  I was still nervous, but even knowing one person was a big help.
move in 2010I don’t have any pictures from move in 2010, but here is one gem I dug up.  My junior year at Milligan was a very interesting year.  I was living in MSA with three other girls.  There were high points and low points, but my Junior year overall was a good year with lots of time with friends and lots of fun memories.
move in 2011In 2011 Adam and I moved in as newlyweds!  It was another new experience with move in day.  It was fun to set up our first apartment together and to decorate and figure out where everything was going to go.  Adam got a little too interested in our immersion blender and we had a trip to the emergency room, but all ended well except that I did a lot of the unpacking myself. Our senior year at Milligan was a great experience.  It was a great last year at Milligan.
move in 2012Move in day 2012 brought another new experience.  We moved across the street into the Emmanuel Village where Adam would be starting seminary.  We had some awesome friends help us move and we were again able to organize and decorate together and create a comfortable home.

Move in day 2013–We get to stay put!  This will be the longest we have lived in one place together.  The Emmanuel Village really feels like our first home because we get to stay for more than a year 🙂  We have already done some moving this year though.  We helped our best friends move and we helped my sister move in.

I hope that all the students have a great move in day today.  It can be a really fun time.  I know that it always was for me!

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It’s that Day

It’s that day!  It’s finally here!
This girl is back!
1 2 3 4 5We didn’t always feel this way about each other, read about that on Amanda’s blog here, but now we are great friends!  And I’m so glad that she is back here at Milligan.  It has been a long summer without her.  And my Dad is here today too!  Yay!  Just wish my mom could’ve made the trip down, but hopefully we’ll see her soon.  I’m looking forward to an evening of hanging out with my family.  And hopefully there will be more of these great days to come (and more awesome pictures too).

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Missing the Milestones

For years and years and years while I was in school it seems like there was always a milestone to look forward to, and you knew when it was going to happen.  You know when you are going to move on from every year in school.   Milestones are important and it helps you see where you’ve come from and gone.

grad hsGraduation from High School.  I thought I knew exactly what I wanted.  I was young and tan and ready to start college.
fr at auThis is me, my first week of my freshman year at Anderson University.  Do I look different?  My freshman year of college was a big one for me.  I made all new, amazing, friends.  Did all kinds of things I had never done before, played every intermural, dyed my hair, pierced my nose, stayed out way too late, and loved every minute of it.  And still miss it sometimes, but it just got better from there.
so at milliganMy sophomore year, I transferred to Milligan College.  While Adam will tell you it is because we started dating and I transferred for him, that is really not the case.  It was really a God thing.  I decided I was transferring two weeks before school started, and everything worked out, which is how I knew it was a God thing.  Gosh, we look so young here!
jr at milligan (engaged)We came back to our junior year at college engaged.  It was a very fun, yet stressful year at school.  With being engaged, there were a whole lot more milestones to look forward to like showers, dress shopping, registering, planning, and tons of other things.  There was a lot to look forward to.


And then we got married! And went on our honeymoon!

And then we came back to campus to finish up our senior year.  Let’s compare, shall we:

Freshman vs. Senior.  Big difference?

And then we graduated and moved across the street to the Emmanuel Village.
And now what?
There are no actually set date milestones to look forward to, except birthdays and anniversaries and we are a while away from any big ones.  Let me just say, my life now, without set milestones, is weird.  And hard.  It is hard to just keep going without a milestone to focus on getting to.  It makes it harder for me to see where I am going.  I am happy with where we are and am trying to be content and not wish it away, but I want to know where we are going and when we are going to get there!

Any of you post-school people feel like this?










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