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My Scars

I’m not sure if you thought this would be a deep, serious post based on the title, but let me reassure you, it’s not.  I’m not talking about emotional, unseen scars.  I’m talking about my visible scars and where I got them.

When I started thinking about scars and where they came from, I realized that some of the have some pretty good stories, and I also have more scars than I thought I did.  Let’s start from the top.

Under my left eyebrow–chicken pox scar.  it was just too hard not to scratch!
My lower lip–I was running around the new library when I was little and ran into something and bit my lip.  You can see the teeth mark scars still and I wasn’t even in kindergarten yet.
My chin–I have a scar on my chin from playing tag in kindergarten.  We were playing with bases.  The bases were the metal benches along the perimeter.  I was running for the base, slid on the loose gravel, slid under the bench and hit my chin on it.
Right hand–on my hand there is a little scar that I have no idea where it came from
Left hand–the scar on this hand came from a laundry basket.  I was reaching inside the basket to get something at the bottom and when I pulled my hand out, my hand got caught on one of the notches and it ripped the skin
Left hand thumb–the scar on my left thumb is from third grade.  There was a sharp piece of metal sticking out of my desk that I caught my finger on.
Right hand middle finger and ring finger–these scars came from the same incident.  One day my sister and I were walking to the car after school and she tried to push me off the sidewalk.  I swung at her, she put up her arm, and my knuckles broke her watch face.  The glass from the watch cut me and left two scars.  This is one of my favorite stories.
Belly–more chicken pox scars
Right knee–there is a scar here from a rug burn that I got running around my church.  It wasn’t bad enough in itself to get the scar, but I picked at it, and now it’s there.
Left knee–One night at youth group we were playing keep away Frisbee.  I was trying to get the Frisbee.  It was thrown to someone and was way off.  I started running for the Frisbee, as did someone else.  They got there seconds before me and stepped on it to keep me from getting it.  Neither of us noticed that the Frisbee had cracked.  I slid to get the Frisbee and the sharp broken edge sliced through my knee.
Side of left knee–picked at a mosquito bite.

Those are all of my scars and their stories.  Do you have any awesome scar stories?

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Summer is my favorite season.  I just love it!  Great things happen in the summer, vacations, parties, all kinds of things!  I love the sunshine and warm weather.   I love the long days and being able to spend time with friends.  Now that I am working a real person job, summer has changed.  I don’t get a long summer vacation anymore, but summer still feels like fun.  We get to see more of our friends and it seems like there is more to do on the weekends.  Summer makes me think of water and roller coasters!

Here’s a summer photo flashback:
summer Aw 🙂

Here’s to two more months of summer!  Make the most of it!

What’s your favorite part of summer?
What’s your favorite season?

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A Years Worth of Changes-A Story

Today’s title may have made this story seem more serious than it is actually going to be.  This story is about hair.  My hair’s years worth of changes.  All of these changes happened my freshman year of college.  Some of the choices I made, I would make again, some I would not.  But they are all fun to look back on.1When I first went to college at Anderson, this is what my hair looked like.  Long, curly, and brown.  Looking back, I wish my hair looked like this again.  Hopefully it will get back to this one day because I really like it here.  Since my parents had never let me dye my hair when I lived at home, I decided that I had always wanted to have red hair with gold streaks.  So I tried it out:
2It looked a little funky, but all in all I liked it.  It did not last very long however.  Soon I went black.  I don’t remember why exactly, but I never regretted it.
3I really love my black hair.  If I had the opportunity, I would go back to black in an instant.  Up until this point, I had kept my length through all of these changes.  Next it got cut short:
*Also notice, the pierced nose, which I loved!

*Also notice, the pierced nose, which I loved!

One day Bethany and I decided it would be a really good idea to bleach some sections of our hair and dye them.  She dyed hers red and I was dying mine blue.5See, blue.  Well, much to my surprise, it did not turn out blue, but instead…
Yes, bright green.  I embraced it.  It was pretty fun to have green hair, until the green started to fade and all that was left was the bleached sections of  my hair.
7Yeah…not so cute.  Soon after this my parents paid to have my hair color stripped and dyed back to brown.  I also had to promise not to dye it again, and four years later I have kept my promise.  By the way, check out how young Adam and I are!  Crazy.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this story of my hair evolution.  It was a fun time in my life.

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My Wonderful Weekend

I had a really good weekend this last weekend.

On Friday there was a game night/potluck at Emmanuel.  Adam and I went and took Bacon Mac N Cheese (Yum!)  We played some fun games.  I left in the middle of game night to go to my sister’s concert at Milligan.  It was a Valentines concert and it was great!  I really enjoyed it.  After the concert I went back to game night, enjoyed a couple more games and then went home.

Saturday started out very boring.  Adam and I were going to go to see a movie, but it started snowing and we didn’t know how bad it would get, so we got some movies from the redbox.  The first one I watched by myself: Hope Springs.  This movie was actually rather depressing and not as funny as I thought it was going to be.  I did not really enjoy it.  Later that night, Adam and I watched Here Comes the Boom, which we really enjoyed.  It was funny and a good story.  But if you are only going to watch one MMA movie, we would recommend Warrior over Here Comes the Boom, but they are both good and very different.

On Sunday after church we came back home and watched Premium Rush.  We both really loved this movie and recommend it.  It was really fun and actually had more of a plot than we were expecting it to.  After the movie Adam went over to a friends house to play World of Warcraft.  While he was gone I watched another Best Picture movie, Tom Jones.  This movie was really fun and lighthearted.  I enjoyed it.  Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Jacob and Lauren.  It was good to go out to eat and spend time with friends.  After dinner Adam stayed to play more with Jacob and I went home to watch Sleepless in Seattle.  I was very tired after this and went to bed early.  It was a good weekend, but I wish I had gotten more rest.  I’m exhausted!

Also, I finished the book I was reading and now I need suggestions for what to read next!

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Funny Friday






and finally…


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everyone loves a good love story

Since February is only two hours away, I wanted to kick off your February with a love story.

Once upon a time, there were two couples who were best friends in college.  One of these couples found out that they would soon be parents.  The other couple came to visit and celebrate with them.  At this time, the other woman felt sick.  They did not realize it at the time, but this was the beginning of a love story.  In February a little girl was born, and in July a little boy.

The families did not live close to each other, but they got together every few years.


The little boy and girl grew up knowing each other and each considered the other one as a friend.


It got harder and harder for the families to get together, and each family continued to grow.  They would get together whenever they could, even if it were long times in between.

While the boy and girl were looking at colleges, they were both interested in the school where their families had gone.  The two families went to visit the school together.  This meeting rekindled the friendship between the boy and girl and they began to talk more frequently.

The boy followed in the footsteps of his parents, but the girl chose another school, eight hours away from the boy.  They continued talking, and at some point they realized, “hey, I really like this person.”  They began talking more and more and more.  And on April 10, 2009 they had their first official date.  He came to her home.  They want out for pizza and ice cream, watched her favorite movie at the time, and went for a walk.  It had been such a great date and she didn’t want him to leave.

Our First Date :)

Our First Date 🙂

They both went back to school and during the summer saw each other quite often.  During the summer the girl decided to transfer to the school where the boy was attending.  And she was much happier there.  They continued to date for another year and a half, enjoying every minute of it.

And then on August 1, 2010, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.  She was very excited and she said yes.  The next year flew by and they planned the wedding.  And on August 6th, 2011, they said I do.  Next week they will have been married for one and a half years and it has flown by.


Many of you will know this, but some of you may not (and the pictures have probably given it away), this love story is my favorite, because it’s my own.  It’s also my favorite story to tell.

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