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Blogging Every Day in July Recap

Can you believe July is over already?!

It has gone by super fast.  I have really enjoyed blogging every day.  Have you enjoyed reading it?  I’m pretty sad that it’s over.  It definitely helped me enjoy writing again.

Check out what I talked about every day here.

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I could eat pizza for every meal of every day.  I never get tired of pizza.  If you ask me what I want to eat–PIZZA!!

I feel like I should clarify, I could not eat frozen pizza for every meal of every day, maybe just one or two.  But if I could have a different kind of pizza every day, that would be awesome.

Here’s a shout out to some of my favorites:
joe's breadsticksJoe Bolognas (Lexington)–favorite breadsticks and one of my favorite pizzas ever! (Meatball and tomato)

Favorite Delivery Pizza–Dominos–so good!

Favorite Delivery Breadsticks–Little Caesars.  Love me some crazy bread!

Favorite Local Pizza–Tie between Main Street and Crazy Tomato

Favorite Deep Dish Pizza:  Old Chicago
deep dishSo Delicious!

MMMM Now I’m so hungry for pizza!  Aren’t you?!

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Shop til you Drop

I love to go shopping.  Even when I don’t have money (it is more fun with money though).  I like to window shop too.  My favorite stores to shop at are Kirklands, Hobby Lobby, Target and JCPenney.  I could also spend hours in a bookstore.

I love birthdays and Christmas because I get to take myself on a little shopping free.  How fun!

I’m always looking for some new stores to shop at.  What are some of your favorites?

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A Day in My Life

My Day Today-Every Hour

0700–My alarm clock goes off.  I choose to roll over and not get up
0800–Arrive at work, fill up my water bottle and turn on my computer
0900–Returning the 10 messages I got over the weekend
1000–Catching up on paperwork
1100–Answering the calls and anxiously looking at the clock for my 1130 lunch break
1200–Eating lunch at home and switching loads of laundry
1300–Entering the paperwork that came in the mail
1400–Originating Loans
1500–Wishing I had brought a snack
1600–Only one more hour!  Returning phone calls
1700–Leave for the day and arrive at home, start dinner
1800–Homemade stuffed shells come out of the oven.  Enjoy pretzel rolls with dinner
1900–My bible study girls arrive
2000–Still doing bible study
2100–Bible study is over.  Finish laundry and dishes
2200–Falling asleep on the couch



I love to play games!  I am always looking for people to play games with.  I enjoy board games, card games, trivia games, really any kind of game.  I like to play new ones or old favorites.  The only games that are hard for me to play are the ones with significant time commitments, the ones that take over 4 hours to play.  That is pushing my limit.

What is your favorite game to play?

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My Dream Job

My dream job has changed in the past year or so, and now I can say that my dream job is to be a stay at home mom.  To spend time with my kids, and to have time to keep the house clean.  That sounds like a dream to me.

But if I can’t do that I just want to do something where I don’t have to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day.  That is something I have learned recently.

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I Am Afraid Of..

I am afraid of “uncontrolled heights”.

I know that probably doesn’t make any sense, so let me explain.  Regular heights like tall buildings, roller coasters, airplanes don’t bother me, because they are controlled.

An example of an uncontrolled height that freaks me out would be being picked up or being on someone’s shoulders.

I know it sounds strange but it really freaks me out!

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I am most comfortable when…

I’m wearing sweatpants, a white tee, and my slippers.  And snuggled in my hole in the couch.




I have a love hate relationship with cleaning.

I love when my house is clean, but I hate cleaning!

I really hate doing the dishes.  I’m trying to become more disciplined with cleaning the dishes after I use them or filling the dishwasher after dinner, but it seems like I just can’t stay up on it.

Does anyone have any cleaning tricks that help them stay on top of everything?

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No Pinterest-Update

Trying not to use Pinterest, I have found out how much time I really spend on Pinterest!  It shocks me!  I have pulled up the website probably 20 times since Saturday afternoon!  I think I generally spend more time on Pinterest during a week than on any other social media site.  This is proving to be much more challenging than I thought!


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