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A Story of Hope

One thing that I was so happy to be able to attend at the Religious Communicators Convention was the Wilbur Awards.

The Wilbur Awards are given by the Religious Communications Council to secular communicators display excellence in communicating a religious story.  It was very inspiring to see and hear all of the stories at this award ceremony.  It was one of my favorite things of the whole convention.

The following new story from CBS was one of the winners.  This was my favorite story of the night.  Enjoy.

The video won’t embed since it is from CBS, but please, please, please go out and watch it!

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This I Believe…

At the Religious Communicators Convention I went to a workshop about putting the social back in social media and one of the things we talked about was blogging.  This is a writing exercise that we did, and my partner thought I did a really good job and I wanted to share it with you.

This I Believe
This I believe, that you have to have friends to help you through the mountains of life.  You need them in the high times and the low times.  They help you celebrate in the good times, and they pick you up and help you hike out of the valleys.  The bad times in my life seem so much worse without a friend to encourage you and lift you up.  And the peaks of the mountain, when you are so close to God, can be a much bigger blessing with someone to rejoice with you.  You already have the best friend with God, but I believe we are blessed with other partners to journey and hike the big mountains with.

What is your “This I Believe?”

*coming soon an update about my conference!*

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Thursday-Morning Tell-About (a few hours late)

My Movie Queue: Around the World in 80 Days, Cold Mountain, There will be blood, Melinda and Melinda
Pages left to read in my current book:   I’m reading several things at the moment and I do not know how many pages I have left.  All my books are in my room and I’m in the hotel lobby, taking advantage of their free wifi
I have made: notta
I have worked on: checking email, attending conventions, and looking nice every day
Food made: nothing. I’ve been out of town.
Goals checked off: none this week
Games played: Hand and Foot
Favorite Pinterest pin:favorite
This is so true! Especially on my road trip this week!

Total Blog views since last Thursday:  161
Number of snow days: 0
Movies Watched: 7: The Watch, Total Recall, Les Miserables
Books read: none finished
This week I love: learning new things
This week I hate: only having free wifi in hotel lobbies

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My bags are packed

Well, the time has finally come.  Today at four, I will be on my way to the Religious Communicators Council Annual Convention in Indianapolis.  I am a big jumble of excitement and nerves.

Last night I did all my laundry, packing, grocery shopping for Adam, and this morning I loaded it all into my car.  I know this will sound silly to some of you, but I am going to be away from Adam for 5 and a half days and I’m really not looking forward to that!  It is just about the longest we have been apart.  And only having one cell phone is a huge problem!  All we’re going to be able to do is Facebook chat in the evenings.

There are going to be several free nights, so my plan is to catch up on my Netflix viewing and my book reading (and my junk food eating).  This week is definitely going to be an adventure for me.  And I’ll be sure to keep you up to date during the week!

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