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As I mentioned before I had decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month this year, which is in October.  And I’m telling you now that I am epically failing.

So far I have written only 6600 words of my story.  Today, being the 15th day of the month, means that I should be halfway done.  I should already have written 25,005 words.  The NaNoWrMo website told me today that if I want to finish on time I need to write 2,713 words per day.

I think I might have bitten off more than I can chew.

Here’s me admitting defeat already that I’m probably not going to “win” this year.

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Drive to Write

drive to write  I have always had a drive to write.  I love to journal, I love to blog, and when I was younger I loved to write stories.  I still think writing books would be awesome.  It is something that I will always dream of doing, but whenever I start thinking of stories or plots or characters.  They stink.  I apparently have no imagination, or I am just not that great of a writer.  And how do I know what people will want to read about?

Well, I have a drive to write, so I am going to keep writing.  I am going to write, either journal, story ideas, or blog every day, and maybe one day I’ll look at everything I have done and there will be a story in there somewhere.  I would do a memoir, but I don’t think that my life has been all that exciting for people to want to read about it.  So we will see what happens, and maybe one day I’ll share it with you.  If you’re lucky 🙂

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