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The first four

As of yesterday I have marked four movies off my list: Bridget Jones’s Diary, Fargo, Memento, and Taxi Driver.

I have been ranking each movie with stars as I watch them, five stars being the best.  There were two movies that earned 4 stars, one that earned 5, and an !, and one that earned two stars.  Can you guess which movie earned what ranking?

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001-R)
This movie, starring Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant, is about a woman, Bridget, who at the beginning of the New Year realizes that she is unhappy with her age, her weight, her job, and the fact that she is man-less.  She decides to start a diary and to get herself into shape.  This is a very funny comedy about her love life and other adventures.  This film was very funny and I really enjoyed it.

Fargo (1996-R)
I really had no idea what this movie was about when I started to watch it.  It is written and directed by the now famous Coen brothers and it definitely did not disappoint me.  This movie, starring Frances McDormand, William H Macy, Steve Buscemi, and Peter Stormare, follows a man (Macy) strapped for cash who decides to hire some men (Buscemi and stormare) to kidnap his wife so they can share the ransom money.  Everything goes wrong and a local police chief (McDormand) starts investigating.   McDormand is amazing in her role as Marge Gunderson, her acting in this role landed her the Oscar for Best Actress.  I greatly enjoyed this movie.  McDormand was great to watch and the on-screen drama was captivating.

Memento (2000-R)
Memento follows the story of a man with no short term memory (Guy Pearce), which is a little difficult since he is trying to find and kill his wife’s murderer.  He gets by with a system that he follows religiously.  He receives help from Teddy (Joe Pantoliano) and Natalie (Carrie-Anne Moss).  This film, written and directed by Christopher Nolan was amazing.  I was fascinated with his way of storytelling and by the story in general.  This story made me think and gripped me throughout.  This movie really surprised me.  I was not disappointed by this pick.

Taxi Driver (1976-R)
This film is one that is on a lot of lists for being an outstanding film.  It is about a taxi driver (Robert DeNiro) who is mentally unstable and is very disturbed by all the scum and sleaze in New York City.  He decides that he is going to take matters in his own hands, by means of violence.  He decides to save a young prostitute (Jodie Foster) from her life on the streets.  For everything that I had heard about this movie, I found myself very underwhelmed and honestly bored.

Here are my rankings for these films:
Bridget Jones’s Diary  ****
Fargo ****
Memento *****!
Taxi Driver **


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A Helpful How-To, from Me to You

How-To Choose a Movie to Watch

This is a process that I go through quite often.  And I thought now would be a good time to share with you.

Instead of staring helplessly at your stack of movies, wondering which one to spend your saturday night watching, now you can face it with a plan.

Step 1-Try to figure out if you are in the mood for a specific genre.  My movies are organized by genre to help you narrow it down.  If I know I’m in the mood for a romantic comedy I don’t have to waste my time going over the action titles, I can jump right to the romantic comedy section of my shelves.  So this is always the first question I ask myself.  If you are not in the mood for a specific genre, which was my problem tonight, then move on the the next step.

Step 2-Identify any movie that you feel like watching and pull them off the shelf.  Maybe longer if I am particularly indecisive.  Tonight I left myself with 10 movies to choose from.
IMG_1987As you can see I had a mix of genres.

Step 3- Quickly eliminate half of the movies.  One way I like to do this step is to try to eliminate multiples of a genre.  As you can see, I have three “chick flicks,” so I narrowed those down to one.  I also have four action films which I also narrowed down to one.  I was left with 5 movies to choose from, all from different genres.
Step 4-Sit there contemplating what you really want to watch and make eliminations from there.
IMG_1989I found myself left with three movies that I could not choose between, so I put them in the order that I wanted to watch them and I will watch as many as I can before I go to bed tonight.
Here is the final order I settled on.  We’ll see how far the order I make it tonight.

This process can sometimes take me 30 minutes, but once I choose a movie I don’t second guess myself.  I have found this to be a good method and I hope you do as well.  Here’s to a great Saturday night movie night!


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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Last week I bought a box of popcorn (my favorite treat) and there were two codes for free redbox rentals.  So last night I rented Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter because it has been on my “to watch list” forever now.

Almost a year ago I read the book written by Seth Grahame-Smith and I absolutely loved it.  Ever since then I have been waiting to see the movie.  I didn’t get to go see it in theatre and every time I have gone to check it out it isn’t there.  And last night I went to two redbox machines until I found it.

I really enjoyed the movie for it’s action and fight scenes, but I enjoyed the book for its more extensive plot.

It was a fun telling of Abraham Lincoln’s history.  I really thought it was a fun story and really enjoyed it.  Also, the actor they got to play Lincoln is perfect.

So glad I finally got to check this movie off of my list.


And since it has been snowing this weekend, I have watched:  The Dark Knight, lots of Big Bang Theory, The Dark Knight Rises, and Pitch Perfect, again.  And who knows what tomorrow will hold.

Coming soon:  my weekend craft fail!

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