My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…



Divergent–Veronica Roth
Since I was re-reading, I couldn’t not re read this one.  Definitely another favorite.  Can’t wait for the movie!
Stealing Bradford–Melody Carlson
This is part of her Carter House Girls series.  They are quick and easy books to read.
Alone–Lisa Gardner
This was a great book full of twists and turns.  By the end I had no idea who the bad guy was!  I was suspecting everyone.  This book was very suspenseful and a very good read.
Why Have Kids?–Jessica Valenti
I really did not like this book.  It was how you don’t have to be the mom everyone thinks you should be.  I didn’t agree with it because I want to be a traditional mom.
This is What Happy Looks Like–Jennifer Smith
I really loved this book.  It was such a fun read.  I really enjoyed this love story.
City of Ashes–Cassandra Clare
This was a great sequel to City of Bones.  I was not disappointed.  I am really enjoying this series.
Homecoming Queen–Melody Carlson
Another quick, easy, fun read in the Carter House Girls Series.
Eat More Chikin: Inspire More People–Truett Cathy
This book was not what I expected it to be, so I did not enjoy it very much.  I would categorize it as “just okay”
Reconstructing Amelia–Kimberly McCreight
I really enjoyed this book.  I enjoyed reading the non-linear storytelling and trying to figure out the mystery.  McCreight has a very interesting writing style that I really enjoyed.
Hide–Lisa Gardner
I have really been enjoying this DD Warren series.  They are very good crime thrillers.
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight–Jennifer Smith
This book was a fun, lighthearted read about a girl falling in love on a plan ride.
Mother, Daughter, Me–Katie Hafner
This was a pretty good book and an interesting look at a three generation relationship.
Insurgent–Veronica Roth
I love this series!  I’m re-reading the books to get ready for the newest one coming out in October (it’s already pre-ordered!)
Seven Minutes in Heaven–Sara Shepard
I called it.  You can ask Adam.  This was the final book in The Lying Game series and I totally called how it was going to end.  It was a really good ending to the series.
Viva Vermont!–Melody Carlson
Another fun, light hearted read.  I’m really enjoying this series.
City of Glass–Cassandra Clare
The third book in the Mortal Instruments series and it was great!  This has been one of my favorite series of the summer.
What Happened to Goodbye–Sarah Dessen
I really enjoy Sarah Dessen books.  They always provide a good quick story to read.
Lost in Las Vegas–Melody Carlson
Surprise, surprise I enjoyed this one too.

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