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50 Down

on February 20, 2014

Well as of today I have watched 50 movies off my new list.  The list started with 196 movies on it, but it seems to keep growing.  People tell me about movies, I see trailers for movies, read books about movies, one way or another my list keeps growing. My list is now at 210.  And that’s not including the Coen Brothers movies that I want to watch, though there is some overlap.  And, I’m not only watching movies off of this list, I am watching many more.  To see the movies I’ve watched so far this year click here.  Here are a couple of movies from my list that I’ve watched recently.  (Click on the photos to see the IMDB page).

house of wax  House of Wax (NR 1953) *****
  I loved this movie.  I had seen the remake a few years ago with Chad Michael Murray and was not impressed, but when I read about this movie in one of my books it was supposed to be very good so I watched it.  And I was not at all disappointed.  This movie is about a wax sculpture whose partner burns down his wax museum, with him inside, for the insurance money.  The sculpture comes back badly maimed and with a vengeance.  This was a classic old school horror movie and I absolutely loved it!

sunset boulevard  Sunset Boulevard (NR 1950) *****
This movie caught my attention from the very beginning and held it throughout.  An old silent film actress is all alone in her house, forgotten by Hollywood, but she is writing a script, preparing for her comeback return.  A writer stumbles upon her house and she convinces him to rewrite her script, and promises to pay him handsomely.  He soon realizes that he has gotten into more than he had bargained for.  This movie was fantastic.  The use of narration and the acting was so good.  I highly recommend this movie.

who's afraid of virginia woolf Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (NR 1966) **
My book raved about this movie and talked about how good it was, but honestly, I hated it.  It was boring and dragged on.  It’s the story of a married couple who has some young people over after a dinner party and they drink too much alcohol and start to fight, embarrassing their guests.  If someone knows what all the fuss is about this movie, please let me know.

the ref  The Ref (R 1994) ***
I read an article online that had this movie on a list of great Christmas movies.  While I’m not sure about that, but it was a very funny movie.  A house burglar gets more than he planned when he decides to hold these people hostage and lie low in their house.  Their bickering and screaming get in his way and he ends up being more of a marriage counselor than a thief.  An entertaining comedy, but full of cursing.

These are a few of the movies on my shelf waiting to be watched:

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