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February–a month of ups and downs

If you asked me how my February was I would tell you “Fantastic!”  But then, if I sat down and thought about it, I might have to change my answer.  There were definitely great parts of February, but there were also the bad parts of February.

Our microwave is dying
I found out I have a torn tendon in my shoulder–read about it here
Sleeping on the couch for most of the month
I only read three books
Stress with money
Got strep
Adam was gone studying a lot
Failed at doilies

My birthday!!
I watched almost a movie a day
I read three really great books
I found out I got a scholarship to attend the Religious Communicators Convention in February
Predicted 21 of the 24 ocscar winners
Valentines day with my hubby
Made some really good recipes (yum)
Was a published guest blogger
Watched 6 best picture movies
Got the most “yes”es at the Emmanuel phoneathon
Crocheted a bearded hat
Finally watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
And finally, I have all you wonderful people reading my blog!

Well, the good did outweigh the bad, so I think we can still call it a Fabulous February.  Here’s to a Marvelous March!

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Thursday-Morning Tell-About

My Movie Queue: Hamlet, The Best Years of Our Lives, Cimarron, Wings, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Top Gun, Bella, Stranger Than Fiction
Pages left to read in my current book: I am currently reading three different books.  I have 290 pages left in Julie and Julia, 113 in You Lost Me, and 566 in Anna Karenina
I have made: I have practiced crocheting doilies, but they have not gotten much better since the last time.
I have worked on: keeping the house clean in spite of being hurt and not feeling well
Food made: delicious skillet mac and cheese and strawberry oatmeal bars
Goals checked off: calling my mother once a week, writing a thank you note for the month.  unfortunately, I had made plans for having people over and the sister date for the month and both have fallen through from sickness, so I guess I won’t be checking those off this month since it is the last day of February
Games played: Carcassonne, hand and foot
Favorite Pinterest pin:

"Relax!  I'm just kidding."

“Relax! I’m just kidding.”

Total Blog views since last Thursday: 158  (all time views 1,013!)
Number of snow days: 0
Movies Watched: 5: Grand Hotel, South Pacific, Shallow Hal, Pitch Perfect, Lawrence of Arabia
Books read: none finished this week
This week I love:  birthdays and the love of family and friends
This week I hate:  getting sick

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Crafts–a win and a fail

Weekend Craft Win
Okay, so it’s not a very epic win, and Adam corrected me on it, but I was pretty proud of it.
IMG_1486We had several unmatched socks laying around, and so this is now hanging in our laundry room.  And I happen to like it a lot.

Weekend Craft Fail
I have some doilies that my great-great grandmother crocheted and I think they are beautiful.  Here are a few of them:
IMG_1493  I just love how they look.  I have been inspired by her to make some of my own and to mix some of mine with hers in some decorating.  Well, even though I know how to crochet, this was a totally different animal.  I worked on them all weekend.  I sometimes struggled with the patterns, but could usually figure out what was supposed to be going on.  Here are my doilies, that took my forever to make:
IMG_1495Yeah.  Embarrassing.  Yes, I admit it.  I fail at doilies.
Hopefully one of these days I’ll get over the shame and try again.  Maybe practice makes perfect.


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