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I could eat pizza for every meal of every day.  I never get tired of pizza.  If you ask me what I want to eat–PIZZA!!

I feel like I should clarify, I could not eat frozen pizza for every meal of every day, maybe just one or two.  But if I could have a different kind of pizza every day, that would be awesome.

Here’s a shout out to some of my favorites:
joe's breadsticksJoe Bolognas (Lexington)–favorite breadsticks and one of my favorite pizzas ever! (Meatball and tomato)

Favorite Delivery Pizza–Dominos–so good!

Favorite Delivery Breadsticks–Little Caesars.  Love me some crazy bread!

Favorite Local Pizza–Tie between Main Street and Crazy Tomato

Favorite Deep Dish Pizza:  Old Chicago
deep dishSo Delicious!

MMMM Now I’m so hungry for pizza!  Aren’t you?!

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Ever since getting married I have found that I really love to cook.  I love to try new recipes and cook for friends.  I have even started to read a lot of food writing, which I like a whole lot more than I thought I would.  I really enjoy reading books about food.  I wish we had the money for me to try new recipes every night and try unique dishes.  I found this one recipe in a book that I really wanted to try, but it called for a special kind of cheese, which our grocery store sells in a 2×2 inch block and it costs $10.99.  Yeah, that pretty much ensured that I would not get to try that recipe.  Maybe one day.  So, if you ever don’t know what to give me, a cook book, or a book about food is always a safe bet.

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Single Serve Mac and Cheese

Last night I tried a new recipe.  Homemade Single Serve Mac and Cheese
Step One–find a perfect mug for mac and cheese.  This one is from my cousin Grace.  She gave it to me for Christmas.
IMG_1498Step Two–Put 1/2 cup of macaroni noodles and a 1/2 cup of water in the mug.

IMG_1499 IMG_1501 IMG_1502

Step Three–Put in the microwave for 2 minutes
Step Four–Take the mug out and stir
IMG_1504Step Five–put back into the microwave for 2 minutes
Step Six–When it is done, add in 1/4 cup milk and 1/2 cup shredded cheddar
IMG_1506 IMG_1507 IMG_1508 IMG_1509Step Seven–Enjoy 🙂

This was pretty delicious.  The only thing was that the noodles were still a little stiff, so next time I will microwave it for 2 and a half minutes each time and hopefully that will be better.  I’ll know next time 🙂


I Eat–Pork Chops with Apples and Creamy Bacon Grits

Last night we tried this new recipe: Pork Chops with Apples and Creamy Bacon Grits and it was delicious!!
You use 6 pork chops, so it feeds more than just 2 people, so we had some friends over to share it with.
I was going to take lots of delicious pictures for you but I forgot because we were playing games while I was cooking.
From start to finish, making both dishes, this took just under two hours to make.
In The Pioneer Woman’s recipe she calls for stone ground grits.  Well, I had no idea where to get these, definitely not at Food City, so I just got a regular bag of grits and they worked just fine for us.

I would highly recommend this dish!  The grits are cheesy, bacony and delicious.  The pork chops are so yummy with the apples and the glaze.  Mmm.  I think I’ll even have some leftover bacon cheese grits for breakfast!

Also, if you don’t know The Pioneer Woman, you need to!  Most of my favorite recipes come from her.  And while she is cooking for a family of 6 and me for 2, we just have lots of leftovers of her amazing recipes, so we don’t complain very often.  And if you make this recipe and need someone to help you eat it Adam and I will happily volunteer.

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