My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…

All I Want…

Right now, all I want is
1-a good nights sleep
2-my clean house to stay clean

Is that too much to ask?

I have been so good lately, going to bed in time to get 8 hours of sleep, but I wake up at all times of the night, and for the past 3 mornings, I have woken up 15-30 minutes before my alarm clock.  And that is one of the most annoying things ever.  I am so tired.  I just want a good nights sleep.

I had gotten really behind on cleaning the house because I have been so busy.  Monday night I cleaned the whole first floor (I haven’t quite made it upstairs yet).  But now, I just want it to stay clean.  Since I cleaned it, every out of place thing or clutter makes me cringe.  I do pretty well of keeping it clean the first few days, but soon I’ll get too annoyed with always putting things back where they go that I’ll just stop.  Hopefully I make it longer this time.  Why can’t my house just stay clean?  And the laundry and dishes stay done?  That is all I ask.


Coming soon:
A Shoulder Update
Photos from my sister’s birthday outing to Into the Fire

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Who Are You?

So, I love that you are all reading my blog, and I want to know, who are you?

I would hope that you have gotten to know me pretty well by reading my blog, but since I didn’t want you to feel like that was an unfair question, I will tell you who I am first.


Lauren Tomlinson, who are you?

Well, I am so glad you asked.

I am a wife, an employee, a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, a great-granddaughter, a cousin, a best friend, a friend, a movie watcher, book reader, beach lover, roller coaster rider, house cleaner, cook, snuggler, cookie maker, popcorn hoarder, sweet stealer, water drinker, Frisbee thrower, basketball lover, blanket stealer, sweatshirt lover, singer, dancer, movie quoter, laugh lover, competitive gamer, Christ follower, God lover, social media guru, marketer, dreamer, want to be mother, want to be aunt, story teller, blogger.


So, who are you?

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23 for 23 Update

March is done, and I did pretty well on my goals.  Check it out!

Daily Goals
1. Be content with where I am in life, don’t wish my life away, flourish where I am
I feel like I am doing pretty good with this one.  Sometimes it is hard, but when I remind myself of how good I have it, then it becomes a lot easier.

2. Be a good, supportive, encouraging, loving wife to Adam
I feel like I am doing well at this one.  I am trying to be really mindful about how I treat Adam.  But I guess you’ll have to ask him to see how I’m doing at this one.

3.  Do one thing to clean the house
My shoulder has been feeling a little better, so I am doing better at this one again.

4.  Keep a food and fitness diary to help me remember to be more healthy.
The fitness thing isn’t going too well.  I’m hoping to start walking everyday because that shouldn’t hurt my shoulder.  And I am doing better at making better, healthier, well-rounded meals.

Weekly Goals

5.  Call my mother
Still rocking this one, and it has been really good for my relationship with me and my mom.

Monthly Goals

6.  Write a thank you note to someone who I am grateful for Check.
I wrote a note to Adam.

7.  Have intentional date nights with Adam.
We went to LongHorn steakhouse (with a gift card) and saw Les Miserables at the Real to Reel.

8.  Find a craft or something creative to do
Super check!  Crocheted hats, art for the bedroom, and crocheted a scarf.

9.  Have someone over for dinner.
Amanda and Jarod came over for pizza, and then another night we had the Nicols and the Albrechts over for dinner.  It was super fun!  Oh! and I forgot, the Tomlinsons were here visiting for Easter and I made dinner for the family as well.  So I think that counts.

10.  Do something with my sister
We watched The Paperboy and The Lion King.

One time goals

11.  Finish Financial Peace University with Adam and save some money.
Check this one off my list.  We finished Financial Peace in March.  During the class we saved $800 and paid off $400 of debt.

12.  Take a vacation No progress made

13.  Finish my Best picture list I made quite a bit of progress on this one.  I watched 6 best picture movies in February, one was added to the list, and I only have 8 left to watch!

14.  Finish reading Anna Karenina
Check! Done and sooo happy about it!

15.  Plant flowers in the flower beds outside my apartment
The weather is getting warmer, so hopefully I’ll get to do this soon.  I’m pretty excited about it.

16.  Read through the whole Bible again
Working my way through.

17.  Play Eclipse with Adam
Done.  Pretty happy about it too.  It was actually pretty fun.

18.  Finish watching Prison Break
I have sadly not watched any Prison Break.  Maybe someday soon.  Maybe during my free time at the convention this week I can work on it.

19. Learn how to knit
I know how to slip knot, get started, knit, and pearl.  And my first knitted scarf is progressing nicely.

20.  Go to a sporting event or concert
Progress made!  Bought tickets to a Relient K concert in May!! So excited!!

21.  Take a cooking class
No progress made, mostly because I can’t find one near us.

22. Go one weekend unplugged
Not warm enough yet

23.  Read a biography of someone I don’t like to learn more about them
I have too much other stuff that I am currently reading.

I feel like I rocked March!  Checked four one time goals off, that’s pretty good!

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Feeling of Accomplishment

A feeling of accomplishment is one of the best feelings in the world.  Having a whole list of things to do and not being able to check any of them off feels like failure, but even if I mark only one thing off I have accomplished something.

Yesterday I was stressed because of all the things on my to-do list and between last night and today I have checked nearly all of them off.  Now that’s accomplishment if I do say so myself.  Last night I finished all of the laundry, did all the dishes, went grocery shopping, and read my Bible.  And then today I made all my phonecalls, paid all the bills, I made dinner, balanced the checkbook, kept up with the dishes, made Rice Krispie treats, and got to watch The Voice last night and tonight.  Talk about marking things off my list!

I only have a few more things to get done before Thursday and I know that I will be able to get them done.  I feel like the more I get done, the more I will be able to do.  Want to know how I was able to get so much done last night and tonight?

Adam wasn’t home.  I always get most of my to-do list accomplished when Adam isn’t around.  When he is, I’m lucky if I get one thing marked off my list.  I think it is because when I am by myself the only thing I can do is mark things off my list.

Yay for this feeling of accomplishment, I predict I will sleep soundly tonight!

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