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My night in

Tonight Adam went to a friends house to play Risk.  Which meant I had about 5.5 hours in the house to myself.  This is how I spent them:
An evening walk with a walking inspired playlist:
IMG_1958Then, I settled in with a stack of movies and a good book:
IMG_1960I started with Simon Birch and while I was watching I spent some time writing some notes.  (By the way, the movie was really good and made me bawl).
IMG_1962Isn’t that a cute “T” stamp?  I love it!
Then, my delicious Dominos hand tossed cheese pizza arrived.  And boy was it delicious!!  Gotta love extra cheese
IMG_1963After my yummy dinner and my movie was over, I had a nice chat with my mother and then I put in another movie, Top Hat, which I also really enjoyed.  And did some self pampering.
IMG_1964And to top it off, milk’s favorite cookie and mine.  The perfect end to my evening!
It was a great night, but I was definitely happy for Adam to be home.

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I could eat pizza for every meal of every day.  I never get tired of pizza.  If you ask me what I want to eat–PIZZA!!

I feel like I should clarify, I could not eat frozen pizza for every meal of every day, maybe just one or two.  But if I could have a different kind of pizza every day, that would be awesome.

Here’s a shout out to some of my favorites:
joe's breadsticksJoe Bolognas (Lexington)–favorite breadsticks and one of my favorite pizzas ever! (Meatball and tomato)

Favorite Delivery Pizza–Dominos–so good!

Favorite Delivery Breadsticks–Little Caesars.  Love me some crazy bread!

Favorite Local Pizza–Tie between Main Street and Crazy Tomato

Favorite Deep Dish Pizza:  Old Chicago
deep dishSo Delicious!

MMMM Now I’m so hungry for pizza!  Aren’t you?!

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I Google Words I Don’t Know/Who Needs A Dictionary?

All of the conference details, the ones you care about, and the ones you don’t—Part 2

Thursday morning we woke up, got registered for the convention and attended the Orientation.  This was basically a time for everyone who was attending their first RCC Convention.  There was an introduction to the council, what they do, and what to expect with the convention.  There were 15 people there who had never been to a convention before.  After the orientation, we went to lunch at a pizza place just around the corner from our hotel: Enzos.  It is a small, no place to eat your food, pizza place.  You just walked down the line, picked your pizza, your breadsticks, your drink, then they cooked it right then so it was super-hot and yummy when you got it.  I enjoyed a pepperoni pizza, two breadsticks, and cheese sauce.  Talk about tasty!  And super cheap! Gotta love that.

After lunch we went back to the hotel for the opening Plenary.

                Side note:  when I first saw the word “plenary,” I was like, what the heck does that mean?  So I Googled it.  (Gotta love Google).  “including all who have a right to attend <a plenary session of an assembly>”  So it is basically a fancy word for a gathering.  Who knew?  End side note.

The opening plenary was titled “Faith-based Peacebuilding in the Social Media Age.”  This was a very interesting panel discussion about how to build peace among faith groups (I was a little disappointed that they didn’t discuss the social media aspect very much).  There were three people on the panel: an Arab-Christian from Jordan, a Muslim, and a Jew.  During the plenary, the three of them talked about the conflict between their faith-groups and the ways that they could seek peace.  It was very interesting.  It was good to hear from individuals in each of these groups rather than from the people in the news for a change.  I have never really been involved in these kind of dialogues before, and I found it very educational for me.

After the plenary, there was a choice of workshops to attend.  I attended a workshop entitled “Real-Time Coverage on Social Media.” And I learned tons!  First, the presenter introduced the various social media and other tools to use them, and then she instructed on how to use them to cover a live event.  I have all kinds of new tools to use now and I am super excited about it!

In the evening was the De-Rose Hinkhouse awards, which are awards given to members of the RCC for excellence in communication.  Members can submit their work from the year in several categories of medium, and they are judged by a third party source.  It was a very inspirational awards banquet to see what these professionals have done in religious communications.  And for dinner at the banquet I had pasta and vegetables.  It was yummy.

And that night, I slept soundly with no sounds of loose wheels running through my head.

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Pizza Crust Failure

I am a pizza crust failure.

I have tried to make homemade pizza crust at least four times since Adam and I got married a year and a half ago, and I have messed up every single time.  I have tried different recipes, thinking that was the problem, and still, it does not matter if I use the most tried and true recipe, I still mess it up.

Adam and I were going to have homemade pizzas last night and earlier in the week I had made the Pioneer Woman’s homemade pizza crust.  You make it 2-3 days ahead of time and while it sets in the fridge it is supposed to double or triple in size.  Mine didn’t grow at all.  It stayed the same size the whole time.  And when I took it out yesterday it was all crumbly so we had to go buy crusts to put our toppings on.

This is usually the story with all the crusts I have tried, they do not rise.  I don’t know how I can try so many recipes and still the same things always goes wrong!  What the heck.

Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for homemade pizza crust that I can try, and most likely mess up?
Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

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Stretch the Weekend

I wish that the weekend were several days longer than it actually is.  I wish that I had more time to rest and relax.  I usually have a lot to do over the weekend because it is usually the only time that I have to be productive because I am wiped out in the evenings.  That’s why the weekend needs to be longer, so that I have a couple days to be productive and also a couple days to rest and relax instead of trying to fit it all into just a few days.  Anyone with me?

Adam and I decided to celebrate my birthday on Friday because we are both busy today and won’t really get to spend any time together.  So, after work we went to Crazy Tomato for pizza.  It is one of our favorites, and it is pretty cheap.  You get an order of delicious cheesy bread just for sitting down and we got a large pizza for $11 and took three pieces of it home.  It was delicious.  Adam’s gift to me was some shopping money, so after dinner he took me shopping.  It was really fun, and I still have some money left over for some after birthday spending as well.  The only downside to the evening was that I wore these really cute shoes that pinched my toes and gave me blisters.  Adam said I was walking around the mall like someone had just chopped off one of my toes.  Then we just came home, played games, watched TV and relaxed.

Saturday morning I slept in a little longer than usual, which was good since I haven’t been getting very much sleep.  My arm was feeling good so I cleaned the kitchen and did laundry.  Now, don’t think I went crazy.  I was definitely babying my arm but was just trying to get some stuff done that I had neglected.  I watched another best picture movie, “Grand Hotel,” which I really enjoyed.  It is definitely one of my favorites.  I got all the laundry done, the whole kitchen is clean, we had chicken parmesan for dinner, we watched “South Pacific” and played some games, and I got to finish the night off by watching “Pitch Perfect”.  Yay!

Sunday we went to church, enjoyed some fellowship and potluck afterwards (and I didn’t die).  After church I did my grocery shopping, Adam preached the night service, I made some absolutely delicious macaroni and cheese, and I am so sad that I forgot to take pictures for you!  Then I made myself birthday cupcakes and we watched the Oscars.

And today is my birthday J  I have felt the love today.  Yay for another year.  I hope you all had as awesome a weekend as I did.  My only regret is that I didn’t take any pictures!

If you have noticed a lack of “crafty” posts recently, that is because I have discovered how difficult it is to craft without extra spending money, but I have some ideas and some stuff lying around, so maybe I’ll come up with something to share with you soon.

Tonight I will be working another 4 hours at the Phoneathon.  And coming soon, a blog post about my love of scrapbooking!

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Life Update and Funny Friday

I thought I would take some time to update you on my life this morning.  I feel like I haven’t written very much this week.

1-Have have found a new website that I looovvveee!!  It is called goodreads.  It is a website where you can put in all the books you have read, rate and write reviews on them, list the books you are currently reading, and the books you want to read.  I love it.  It is pretty addicting.  And my “to-read” list is growing faster than I can keep up with it.  I added the goodreads widget to the right, so check it out.

2-In case you did not already know, I got the scholarship to attend the Religious Communicators Council annual convention free of charge April 4-6.  I am so excited!  It is going to be a great time of networking and learning.

3-I went to the doctor yesterday about my shoulder.  It turns out they did find tearing in my MRI.  It is not in the labrum, which I do not know if that is good news or bad news, but it is in my bicep tendon.  And the only way to fix this is to have surgery.  There are temporary things they can do to relieve the pain, but nothing will fix it but surgery.  After surgery I will need to be in a sling for 6 weeks and then do 6-8 weeks of physical therapy.  We don’t know when the surgery will be yet, but we need to save some money before it can happen.  Also, since I need to be able to drive to Indianapolis for the convention in April and cannot do that for 6 weeks after surgery, the surgery will probably have to be after the convention in April, so my guess is that it will be sometime in April.  Which is good because hopefully we can have a good chunk saved by then.

4.  I have been dreaming of babies all week!  It has been so crazy!  I have been finding a lot of cute baby stuff on Pinterest for whenever Adam and I decide to embark on that adventure, so maybe it has gone to my head…

5.  I have been working the Emmanuel Phoneathon for a few nights this week and will be doing it a couple nights next week.  It has been lots of hours of calling, many hang-ups, but still good conversations and donations.  It has been a good experience so far.

6.  This is going to be the best weekend ever!  I get to have a birthday celebration with my husband and the Oscars are on Sunday!  Yay!  And then either Thursday or Friday of next week my parents are coming down for my sister’s opera and to celebrate my birthday.  I am excited to spend some time with them, and they are bringing us some furniture that I’m really pumped about!  It’s also potluck Sunday at church, which is a lot of fun fellowship, but also a little stressful for me, so let’s hope that goes well.

7. Random fact:  I have been seriously craving pizza all week and I’m hoping that this weekend, with some birthday money, I will be able to enjoy some warm, cheesy, yummy pizza.  Hmm…I wish I was close enough that Joe Bologna’s would deliver to me!

And now, Funny Friday:
2534Hope that made your friday even better!! I know it did for me 🙂

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Weekend–highs and lows

This weekend was a mix of high and low points.  Even though it wasn’t the most awesome weekend ever, I still could have used some more of it.


Watching Pitch Perfect, Catch Me If You Can, Patton, and The Brave One

Crocheting:  I did a lot of crocheting this weekend because it is one of the only things that doesn’t make my shoulder worse (post to come soon)

Games:  Adam and I played a lot of games together this weekend and we got to hang out with some good friends, Jacob and Lauren to play games also

Pan Pizza from Dominos with a gift card


Shoulder pain all the time

Not being able to sleep for most of the weekend

money stress

movies that weren’t as good as I was expecting

Having a wonderful blog post written about preparing myself for church and having it deleted and the draft not even saved

Never winning a pioneer woman contest

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