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A First for the New Year

This is my first confession to you in the new year.

I am a snacker.  I love to snack, all the time.
zitsOne of the hardest parts about doing this new eating healthy thing is the snacks.  It is hard to find healthy, filling snacks.  Luckily for me, popcorn is pretty healthy so I can snack on this.  The other problem with healthy snacks is that they are little.  I can only have a few cups of popped popcorn.  But popcorn for me is like Pringles, “once you pop, the fun don’t stop.”  For a while I was trying to eat Ritz crackers, but I could only eat 5 of them for a snack.  Sheesh, who only wants to eat 5 crackers.  So I have had to come up with some other solutions, and some where I can eat more and actual feel like I had a substantial snack.

Some good healthy snacks:
Blueberry Yogurt Bites (blueberries covered in yogurt and frozen)
Ranch Oyster Crackers (oyster crackers baked with ranch seasoning)
Vegetables and fruit

So far I have done pretty good, but I have to admit that I have a ways to go because I usually have a rumbly stomach pretty soon after one of these snacks.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good, filling, healthy, nut-free snacks?  Please, share your wisdom.

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10 Reasons..

I have to admit, I’ve had trouble coming up with something to write about recently (and I’ve been too busy to really think about it), so I am referencing the “I’m Stuck” list tonight.  Here’s a fun one for you.

10 Reasons I Couldn’t Live Without Popcorn

(mmm, doesn’t that just make you hungry!)

1.  I eat it almost every night for a snack
2.  I feel totally safe eating it.  Who would put nuts in popcorn?
3.  It’s salty
4.  But it can be sweet
5.  It can taste like just about anything you put on it (my favorites include: cinnamon sugar, cheese, and birthday cake)
6.  It’s healthy?  Okay, healthier than cookies
7.  It’s crunchy
8.  It’s my favorite snack
9.  It’s quick to make, so it satisfies my hunger sooner
10. I do not know what else would taste so good with movies

In summation.  I could not live without popcorn because it is the perfect and my most favorite snack.
I could use some right now…

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When I Relax

When I relax, I am either laying on the couch or am snuggled into the middle of the couch where the cushions sag into a snuggly hole.  I am wrapped in our warm, soft red blanket.  There is a big red bowl of freshly popped and perfectly salted popcorn.  And I am either reading a great book, playing cards with Adam, or watching a movie.  For me that is the epitome of relaxation.  What can I say? I’m pretty low maintenance.

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Who Are You?

So, I love that you are all reading my blog, and I want to know, who are you?

I would hope that you have gotten to know me pretty well by reading my blog, but since I didn’t want you to feel like that was an unfair question, I will tell you who I am first.


Lauren Tomlinson, who are you?

Well, I am so glad you asked.

I am a wife, an employee, a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, a great-granddaughter, a cousin, a best friend, a friend, a movie watcher, book reader, beach lover, roller coaster rider, house cleaner, cook, snuggler, cookie maker, popcorn hoarder, sweet stealer, water drinker, Frisbee thrower, basketball lover, blanket stealer, sweatshirt lover, singer, dancer, movie quoter, laugh lover, competitive gamer, Christ follower, God lover, social media guru, marketer, dreamer, want to be mother, want to be aunt, story teller, blogger.


So, who are you?

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I was informed that my last post was much too depressing, so here is some happiness.

Happiness Is…

hubbyMy husband


Sweatshirts and sweatpants

rice krispiesRice Krispies


Baked Potatoes





shoesThese Shoes




New crayons

veggie talesVeggie Tales


Snuggling under Blankets


What makes you happy?

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