My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…


The Comeback Season–Jennifer Smith
In general I enjoy Jennifer Smith’s books, but this one fell a little short for me.
Killing Floor–Lee Child
This is the first Jack Reacher book and I really enjoyed it.  It was suspenseful and exciting.
Out of Africa–Isak Dinesen
I have to admit that I liked the movie better than the book in this case.
The Maze Runner–James Dashner
I really enjoyed this book.  The ending was very exciting.
Beautiful Darkness–Kami Garcia
Meh–not as good as the first book.
Catch Me if You Can–Frank Abignale
Wonderful.  This was a great, quick, entertaining read.  I highly recommend it.
Beautiful Disaster–Jamie McGuire
I loved this book.  This was a very enjoyable and fun love story.  I really liked the characters.
The Natural–Bernard Malamud
Pretty good, but I like the movie better.
Jim Henson: The Biography–Brian Jones
I did not know a lot about Jim Henson, but this biography was very informative and enjoyable.
Catwalk–Melody Carlson
Another easy, enjoyable read.
The Wolf of Wall Street–Jordan Belfort
I was disappointed with this book.  It was not what I had been expecting.
The Traveler’s Gift–Andy Andrews
This was a very interesting and captivating allegory of personal success.
Switchers–Kate Thompson
Honestly, I hated it.  This book was boring and I really did not care for the story.
Rendezvous–Melody Carlson
Another quick good one.
Attachments–Rainbow Rowell
I loved, loved loved this book!  It was such a fun and entertaining read.  This might be my favorite one that she has written.
Die Trying–Lee Child
Number two of the Jack Reacher books and just as good as the first one.  Very enjoyable.
The Violence of Love–Oscar Romero
A compilation of poetry.  Very interesting.
Friday Night Lights–HG Bissinger
Meh, not my favorite.
The Disaster Artist–Greg Sestero
Hilarious!  I loved reading this book, especially since I have seen this greatest bad movie ever made.
Dear Girls Above Me–Charlie McDowell
Also hilarious.  I am a fan of Dear Girls Above me and this book did not disappoint.
Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy–Eric Metaxas
Very interesting and I really enjoyed reading this book and learning more about Bonhoeffer.
Bad Monkey–Carl Hiaasen
Funny at times, but not my favorite that I have read.
Stuntman!–Hal Needham
An interesting read, slow moving at times.
Pretty Little Liars–Sara Shepard
I have been enjoying the TV series so much that I decided to read the books.  I really enjoyed this first one.
Why Jesus?–Ravi Zacharias
Interesting at times, but all in all not a book that I found all that helpful.  I do not think I found it as helpful as the author had been hoping.
Capture His Heart–Lysa TerKeurst
I really enjoyed this book.  I recommend it to the married ladies out there.
Walking Disaster–Jamie McGuire
I loved Jamie’s first book, Beautiful Disaster and I think I enjoyed this one even more.
The Good Nurse–Charles Graeber
Terrifying to think about, but a very gripping story.
Adulting–Kelly Brown
Helpful and yet hilarious at the same time.  I highly recommend to those right out of college.

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