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Some Movies from January


I marked three movies off my list is January.  Here’s what I thought of them.

MV5BMTUyMTQ1NjA2OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODQ1Njg3OA@@__V1_SX214_ Chinatown (R 1974) ****
I really enjoyed this Jack Nicholson movie.  This film follows a private investigator, Nicholson, who used to work in Chinatown.  His experiences there have followed him to this job.  He is good at his job, but this time he could have taken on a bit more than he should.  This is a very exciting movie with an awesome story.  I highly recommend it.MV5BMTcwMTMyMDA3N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODUzMjk3OA@@__V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_

Funny Girl (G 1968) *****
If you know my mother, you know that she loves Barbra Streisand.  I grew up watching Hello Dolly and a few other of her movies.  Watching this movie made me feel like I was hanging out with my mom watching her favorite movie.  This movie had me cracking up.  Streisand is so talented.  I am surprised it took me this long to watch this movie.  Also, Streisand won Best Actress for this movie, and it really shows.

MV5BMTQ0NjUzMDMyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODA1OTU0MDE@__V1_SX214_The Big Lebowski (R 1998) ***
This movie, written and directed by the Coen Brothers, was weird, but it had a very entertaining and interesting story that kept you interested.  This is a very comical movie about mistaken identity.  I think I was in the perfect mood when I watched this movie.  I do not know that it would have been as funny if I hadn’t been caught on the perfect day for it.  It was definitely entertaining.



Those aren’t all the movies I watched in January.  Click here to see the full list.

Posts coming soon:
An awesome DIY that I’m super proud of
My favorite read from January

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i might have bit off too much

I have hardly been watching any movies lately.  I have gotten caught up in Pretty Little Liars.  I realized how much I miss watching movies.  I think it has been because I have not had a goal.

I bought a book a couple weeks ago called “Movies that Matter.”  It is full of outstanding movies!  The past few days I have been reading through this book and marking down movies that I want to watch.  My list is now at 196!!

This book has a synopsis of the movie and a brief explanation of what makes it awesome.  It does not give ratings or anything, so when I picked movies, I picked them based on the plot and why they are so good.  I think this will be an awesome list to work through.  I am so excited.  I’ll put the list up for you to peruse soon.

I’m off to the library!

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Movie Lists

It is fun to have goals and to be able to check things off a list.  I know that I do not need a list to watch and enjoy the movies that I watch.  But it just makes it more fun to keep track and check them off.  So in my last post I asked for suggestions on the next list that I should work on.  I got a few suggestions.

One suggestion was all the Disney movies.  This one sounded really fun.  I love Disney movies.  And then I looked up the list of them.  Did you know that there are 483 Disney movies?  I never realized there were that many.  I’ve always known that they put out a lot of movies, but I never realized just how many.  I counted up the ones that I have already seen and I have seen 176 of them.  Not bad, but that still leaves me 307 to watch.

Another suggestion was to watch all the nominees for best picture.  This is a list of 503 movies, including this most recent Oscar awards show, and I have watched 176 of them.  That leaves me with 327 to watch.

The last suggestion and the one I’m leaning toward is the American Film Institutes’ top 100 list.  I counted up the ones I had already seen, and came up with 58.  So that only leaves me with 42 to watch, and they must be good.

Is there a list of movies that you would most enjoy reading about?  Vote here on which list you think I should start checking off.

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84 Movies in 19 Months

It all started around October of 2011.  I decided that I wanted to watch all 82, now 84, Oscar Best Picture winners.  Well, after a little over a year and a half, I have done it.  I am really proud of my accomplishment.  The only thing is that now I do not know what to watch now.

In this post I have compiled my absolute favorites from the list, the movies that most surprised me, and the movies that I really struggled to watch.

The following seven movies are the ones that I was thinking were going to really be a struggle to watch.  Either I had heard something bad about them, or the description on the back really did not sound that interesting.  But in the end, I found myself really enjoying them.  Some of them even almost made the cut for the favorites list.  The following are in order from the least surprising to the most surprising.

1-Chicago (2002)
My mother is a big musical fan and she does not really like Chicago, and I was not allowed to watch it when I was little, so I think I had a bad idea of it going into it, but I really ended up enjoying the story and the music.
2-Unforgiven (1992)
I knew nothing about this movie when I popped it into the DVD player.  All I knew was that it was a Clint Eastwood western.  I figured it would be a lot of gun fighting.  What I found was that it was actually a very deep story that I did not expect.
3-On the Waterfront (1954)
This movie was one of the first older ones that I watched, and I just thought it sounded boring.  This is an old Marlon Brando film and it actually ended up being a really good movie.  I enjoyed the story and it actually got pretty exciting in the end.
4-Gentleman’s Agreement (1947)
This is a really great story about a man who pretends to be a Jew in order to write an article about how they are treated and I found this movie to be very powerful when I foolishly thought it would be boring.
5-The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)
When a movie is over two hours long, it can be hard to start in the first place.  When I finally put this DVD in, I was expecting to really hate it, I did not think a story about the circus could be all that exciting, but I was wrong.  The story involved several characters and even had a twist at the end.  I really enjoyed this movie, the full 2-ish hours of it.
6-Tom Jones (1963)
This movie was really funny.  There have not been very many funny best picture winners.  They hardly ever get nominated, let alone win, so I was surprised to find this movie as funny as it was.  It was the story of a ladies man and what happened when he actually fell in love.
7-The Life of Emile Zola (1937)
This movie was awesome and the most surprising for me.  I sat down to watch this movie one night while I worked on the budget.  After only a few minutes into the movie I had to put my work away because I was so intrigued.  I highly recommend this movie.

Moral of the story—do not judge a movie based on the description on the back—when in doubt, give it a try.  It may surprise you, like it did me.

Now, this next list is of the movies I really struggled to watch.  There are only 6 of them, which is pretty good from a pot of 84.  I got lucky that I enjoyed 93% of the movies and only suffered through 7%.  These movies either just plain bored me, put me to sleep, or I just thought the story was not very good.  So here are the 6 movies that I did not like, in order from “okay” to “meh” to “I will never watch again.”

1-How Green Was My Valley (1941)
2-The Great Ziegfeld (1936)
3-Gigi (1958)
4-Dances With Wolves (1990)
5-A Man for All Seasons (1966)
6-The Deer Hunter (1978)

And finally, the list of my top twelve (I just could not stop at 10) movies that were my favorites from the 84 I watched.  These are the ones that I would watch again, several times, and that I would not hesitate to recommend to you.  The following are in order of favorite to most favorite.

1-Grand Hotel (1931/32)
2-Out of Africa (1985)
3-It Happened One Night (1934)
4-Driving Miss Daisy (1989)
5- Wings (1927/28)
6- No Country for Old Men (2007)
7- The Godfather (1972)
8- The Apartment (1960)
9- Argo (2012)
10-Shakespeare in Love (1998)
11-The Bridge over the River Kwai (1957)
12-In the Heat of the night (1967)

So there you have it.  I am so glad that I watched these movies.  On average I watched 4 best picture movies a month, on top of all the other movies that I watched.  And I will make sure I keep seeing the best picture movies in the years to come.  Now I just need to find a new list…

Any suggestions?

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Thursday-Morning Tell-About

My Movie Queue: The Guardian, Shattered Glass, Thelma and Louise, Double Indemnity
Pages left to read in my current book:   Lots in Les Mis and 150 in Contagious
I have made: nothing crafty
I have worked on: cleaning the house
Food made: homemade mac and cheese, homemade biscuits and gravy, monkey bread
Goals checked off: none this week.
Games played: Sudoku
Favorite Pinterest pin:rest

Total Blog views since last Thursday: 54 (sheesh, was I boring this week?)
Number of snow days: 0
Movies Watched: 4: 42, Django Unchained, Cold Mountain, Just Go With It
Books read: 4: Silver Linings Playbook, Decisive, 31 Days of Praise, Enders Game
This week I love: having a clean house
This week I hate: not sleeping well

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Thursday-Morning Tell-About

My Movie Queue: South Pacific, The Best Years of Our Lives, Lawrence of Arabia, Wings, Cimmaron, Hamlet, Grand Hotel
Pages left to read in my current book: 0 because I haven’t been able to find anything I have wanted to read
I have made: nothing.  I’ve been too sore to work on anything
I have worked on: budgets
Food made: I don’t think I made anything awesome recently, just regular meals
Goals checked off: calling my mother once a week, but I am so close on the best picture one!
Games played: Carcassonne, hand and foot, King of Tokyo
Favorite Pinterest pin:spoon

Total Blog views since last Thursday: 182
Number of snow days: 0
Movies Watched: 6: Hope Springs, Here Comes the Boom, Premium Rush, Tom Jones, Sleepless in Seattle, The King and I
Books read: The Green Mile
This week I love:  spending time with my husband
This week I hate:  cutting down our food money budget
Days until my birthday: 4

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