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Crafts–a win and a fail

on February 4, 2013

Weekend Craft Win
Okay, so it’s not a very epic win, and Adam corrected me on it, but I was pretty proud of it.
IMG_1486We had several unmatched socks laying around, and so this is now hanging in our laundry room.  And I happen to like it a lot.

Weekend Craft Fail
I have some doilies that my great-great grandmother crocheted and I think they are beautiful.  Here are a few of them:
IMG_1493  I just love how they look.  I have been inspired by her to make some of my own and to mix some of mine with hers in some decorating.  Well, even though I know how to crochet, this was a totally different animal.  I worked on them all weekend.  I sometimes struggled with the patterns, but could usually figure out what was supposed to be going on.  Here are my doilies, that took my forever to make:
IMG_1495Yeah.  Embarrassing.  Yes, I admit it.  I fail at doilies.
Hopefully one of these days I’ll get over the shame and try again.  Maybe practice makes perfect.

3 responses to “Crafts–a win and a fail

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