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My Scars

on September 24, 2013

I’m not sure if you thought this would be a deep, serious post based on the title, but let me reassure you, it’s not.  I’m not talking about emotional, unseen scars.  I’m talking about my visible scars and where I got them.

When I started thinking about scars and where they came from, I realized that some of the have some pretty good stories, and I also have more scars than I thought I did.  Let’s start from the top.

Under my left eyebrow–chicken pox scar.  it was just too hard not to scratch!
My lower lip–I was running around the new library when I was little and ran into something and bit my lip.  You can see the teeth mark scars still and I wasn’t even in kindergarten yet.
My chin–I have a scar on my chin from playing tag in kindergarten.  We were playing with bases.  The bases were the metal benches along the perimeter.  I was running for the base, slid on the loose gravel, slid under the bench and hit my chin on it.
Right hand–on my hand there is a little scar that I have no idea where it came from
Left hand–the scar on this hand came from a laundry basket.  I was reaching inside the basket to get something at the bottom and when I pulled my hand out, my hand got caught on one of the notches and it ripped the skin
Left hand thumb–the scar on my left thumb is from third grade.  There was a sharp piece of metal sticking out of my desk that I caught my finger on.
Right hand middle finger and ring finger–these scars came from the same incident.  One day my sister and I were walking to the car after school and she tried to push me off the sidewalk.  I swung at her, she put up her arm, and my knuckles broke her watch face.  The glass from the watch cut me and left two scars.  This is one of my favorite stories.
Belly–more chicken pox scars
Right knee–there is a scar here from a rug burn that I got running around my church.  It wasn’t bad enough in itself to get the scar, but I picked at it, and now it’s there.
Left knee–One night at youth group we were playing keep away Frisbee.  I was trying to get the Frisbee.  It was thrown to someone and was way off.  I started running for the Frisbee, as did someone else.  They got there seconds before me and stepped on it to keep me from getting it.  Neither of us noticed that the Frisbee had cracked.  I slid to get the Frisbee and the sharp broken edge sliced through my knee.
Side of left knee–picked at a mosquito bite.

Those are all of my scars and their stories.  Do you have any awesome scar stories?


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