My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…

My bags are packed

on April 2, 2013

Well, the time has finally come.  Today at four, I will be on my way to the Religious Communicators Council Annual Convention in Indianapolis.  I am a big jumble of excitement and nerves.

Last night I did all my laundry, packing, grocery shopping for Adam, and this morning I loaded it all into my car.  I know this will sound silly to some of you, but I am going to be away from Adam for 5 and a half days and I’m really not looking forward to that!  It is just about the longest we have been apart.  And only having one cell phone is a huge problem!  All we’re going to be able to do is Facebook chat in the evenings.

There are going to be several free nights, so my plan is to catch up on my Netflix viewing and my book reading (and my junk food eating).  This week is definitely going to be an adventure for me.  And I’ll be sure to keep you up to date during the week!


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