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A Day in My Life

on July 29, 2013

My Day Today-Every Hour

0700–My alarm clock goes off.  I choose to roll over and not get up
0800–Arrive at work, fill up my water bottle and turn on my computer
0900–Returning the 10 messages I got over the weekend
1000–Catching up on paperwork
1100–Answering the calls and anxiously looking at the clock for my 1130 lunch break
1200–Eating lunch at home and switching loads of laundry
1300–Entering the paperwork that came in the mail
1400–Originating Loans
1500–Wishing I had brought a snack
1600–Only one more hour!  Returning phone calls
1700–Leave for the day and arrive at home, start dinner
1800–Homemade stuffed shells come out of the oven.  Enjoy pretzel rolls with dinner
1900–My bible study girls arrive
2000–Still doing bible study
2100–Bible study is over.  Finish laundry and dishes
2200–Falling asleep on the couch


2 responses to “A Day in My Life

  1. What are you, in the army? I’m going to start reporting for dinner at O-1800 in full salute. 😉

    • Adam Tomlinson thanks for commenting on my blog without changing who you were commenting as. Now I look crazy. I was looking at my blog and was thinking, “Hey, I didn’t write that.”

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