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The Storyteller

the storyteller  The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

I do not usually write book reviews on this blog, but this book was too spectacular to not mention on here.  I happened to see this book publicized on my goodreads and then I found it on the new bookshelf the last time that I went to the library.  The storyline on the inside cover sounded intriguing enough, so I decided to give it a try.

This book follows a young woman, Sage Singer, who is a baker at a local bakery.  She has lost both her father and her mother and attends grief counseling weekly.  One week she meets an elderly man Josef Weber who becomes her friend.  Their friendship is stretched to its breaking point when Josef makes a request of Sage that will haunt her.  Sage must decide whether or not she will let her past dictate her future.

This is a gripping, honest story told exceptionally well.  This story blew me away.  It was captivating and emotional.  There are parts of this story told about the Holocaust, which means that there is some difficult content.  But it is necessary for the character to hear the story and to help make her decision.

This was a wonderful book and I highly recommend it.  Even to you Dad.  I know you don’t like fiction, but this one is worth it.  If you find yourself with some extra time over your holiday, try to find this book.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Love is in the Air

I love February and I think the whole month is great.  I mean it has Valentine’s Day and my birthday!  If I had my way, we would call February “The Love Month” and we would celebrate love all month long, instead of just the one day.

And if I had my way with “Love Month” it would also be Romantic Movie Marathon month, where every night would be devoted to watching a romantic movie.  Of course, this would only work if my husband loved movies half as much as I do, which he doesn’t.

What, you may ask, would we watch during “Love Romantic Movie Marathon Month?”  Well, I’m glad you asked, because I happen to have my list right here (in no particular order):

  1. When Harry met Sally
  2. You’ve Got Mail
  3. Pride and Prejudice (The Keira Knightly version)
  4. Pretty Woman
  5. Fever Pitch
  6. The Ugly Truth
  7. Beauty and the Beast
  8. While you were Sleeping
  9. The Proposal
  10. Shakespeare in Love
  11. Ever After
  12. The Princess Bride
  13. Roman Holiday
  14. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  15. Tristan and Isolde
  16. The Sound of Music
  17. The Notebook
  18. Hairspray
  19. Notting Hill
  20. West Side Story
  21. A Walk to Remember
  22. Music and Lyrics
  23. 50 First Dates
  24. Out of Africa
  25. 27 Dresses
  26. Sweet Home Alabama
  27. Roxanne
  28. Sydney White

I’m hoping that since our Valentine’s Day will most likely be “Stay at Home Sweet,” that I get to watch at least one, maybe two of these.  But I don’t know how I would pick!  Which romantic movie would you pick (doesn’t have to be on my list) if you could only watch one on Valentine’s Day?

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