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The Long and Short of It

I have this thing with my hair.  When it’s long I (think I) want it short.  And when it’s short I really want it to be long.  This has been going on my whole life, but here are a few more recent examples:
My hair when I started college:
collegeLong, wavy, I actually really liked it there.  Then it was dyed red, and then black, and really kept the length.  And then this happened.  A big time cut an dye job.
college2I was actually really sad when it got cut this short, but through everything I always try to tell myself that it’s just hair and it will grow back.  Well, sometimes it just takes a really long time to grow back.
I had finally grown out my hair and had these weird bleach spots in it (I’m sure you’ve seen those pictures) when my friend was going to get married, so my parents paid to have the color fixed and the unhealthy ends were cut off, so it was back to short.
college3This photo was in the summer of 2009.  I grew my hair out from here, with only trims, until my wedding in August 2011.  This is a picture of how long it was on the honeymoon.
honeymoon1I loved it this length, but at the same time I was kinda sick of it, so what did I do?  Chopped it off.
honeymoon2I kept growing it out and that November I went to get a trim.  My hair was a little past my shoulders at that point.  I had let my bangs grow out for the most part.  Here is a picture of what I ended up with, and remember I asked for a trim:
yikesSo short!  You may not be able to see it very well, but my hair is near my chin and well I have bangs!  And this haircut was terrible.  The layers were just awful and it was so short!  This was December 2011.  I have been growing my hair out ever since then.  I’ve been really happy with it long and while I want to keep growing it out longer, I am also so tempted to chop it off!  It’s a little longer than it was when we got married, and it’s really low maintenance right now.
This weekend when my InStyle magazine came in the mail there were these gorgeous photos of Shailene Woodley with her hair chopped off, and that really made me itch to chop my hair off.  This is the cut that I love!
woodleyWhat do you think?
To cut or not to cut?
Could I pull off this haircut?

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So glad to finally be done

I finally finished reading Anna Karenina.  It had been one of my goals for this year.  I had seen the preview for the new movie and decided (stupidly) that I would read the book, not knowing how long it was.  And boy was it a mistake.  This book is so long and honestly I was bored out of my mind!  Phew, I am so glad I am finally done.  If I had not made it a goal to read it, I would have quit a loonnnggg time ago.

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