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What to do with an Old Frame

When my friend Lauren was moving and we were helping them pack, Adam and I ended up taking quite a few things home.  One of the things that I got was this awesome frame.
IMG_2307I had a couple ideas for what to do with it, but could not find any helpful tutorials on Pinterest or through a Google search, so I used my own ideas and created, what I think, is something awesome!  And now there’s a tutorial for you to use.
These are all the supplies I used in addition to the frame.
IMG_23082 yards of fabric, a hammer, some nails, a stapler, wire cutters, wire, and clothes pins.  I think of everything I had to buy I spent $10.
The first thing I did was put three nails on each side of the frame (on the back of the frame) at equal distances.
IMG_2309Then, I wrapped the wire around the nail, stretched it across, and wrapped it around the other nail, so it looked something like this.
IMG_2311It’s kinda hard to see the wires here, but if you look closely you should see them.  Then, just to be safe and to ensure that the wire didn’t slide off the nail, I hot glued over the top of the nail so there would be no sliding.

The next thing I did was staple the fabric to the back of the frame.
IMG_2313Then, again to be safe, I hot glued on top of the staples to make sure the fabric would not fray around the staples.
IMG_2315So, this is what it looked like after all that:
IMG_2316I wanted this to be like a clothesline for pictures.  So you can hang a bunch of little pictures using clothespins on each wire, or, I decided to put one big picture up for the time being.  Here is the finished product.
IMG_2317Let me know if you have any questions or if any of the instructions are unclear.  Good luck with your own DIY 🙂

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Favorite Books in January

I read a lot of books in January, 29 of them, which makes me 11 books ahead in my reading goal for the year.  To see all the books I read in January click here.

Here are my favorite books that I read this month.

Cooking for Mr. Right–Susan Volland
This is another fun, romantic comedy, and it had some food writing mixed in, which I always enjoy.  This is about a girl whose boyfriend proposed to her, she said no, and they broke up.  But when he is suddenly engaged to another woman she realizes that she has made the biggest mistake of her life.  The new fiancé can’t cook and the main character is a chef, so she decides to win her man back through his stomach, and things do not go quite as planned.  This book was just plain fun to read.  I highly recommend it.

Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me–Howie Mandel
This book was very funny.  It is an autobiography of Howie Mandel and his struggle with OCD and germaphobia.  I really enjoyed reading about Mandel’s life and his ups and downs with OCD and how it impacted his life and his career.  A very enjoyable read.

Night Film–Marisha Pessl
I guess you would consider this book a thriller.  It was suspenseful, scary, and had me on the edge of my seat.  The story is very well written and the twists and turns really took me by surprise.  A private investigator is nosing around the death of a famous horror film director.  People keep dying around him, shrouded in strange circumstances.  This book was great, and I really enjoyed Pessl’s story telling.

Wedding Night–Sophie Kinsella
This is a romantic comedy about a girl who thought her boyfriend was going to propose, but instead he asks her to go on a trip with him.  They realize that they are not wanting the same things in the relationship, so they break up.  The girl is reunited with a high school sweetheart.  They have dinner, and he proposes to her, saying that she was the best thing that ever happened to him.  They proceed to plan their wedding and their wedding night.  Their friends and family do their best to put a damper on the whole event.  This book is a very funny, well written romantic comedy and I really enjoyed it.





Some Movies from January


I marked three movies off my list is January.  Here’s what I thought of them.

MV5BMTUyMTQ1NjA2OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODQ1Njg3OA@@__V1_SX214_ Chinatown (R 1974) ****
I really enjoyed this Jack Nicholson movie.  This film follows a private investigator, Nicholson, who used to work in Chinatown.  His experiences there have followed him to this job.  He is good at his job, but this time he could have taken on a bit more than he should.  This is a very exciting movie with an awesome story.  I highly recommend it.MV5BMTcwMTMyMDA3N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODUzMjk3OA@@__V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_

Funny Girl (G 1968) *****
If you know my mother, you know that she loves Barbra Streisand.  I grew up watching Hello Dolly and a few other of her movies.  Watching this movie made me feel like I was hanging out with my mom watching her favorite movie.  This movie had me cracking up.  Streisand is so talented.  I am surprised it took me this long to watch this movie.  Also, Streisand won Best Actress for this movie, and it really shows.

MV5BMTQ0NjUzMDMyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODA1OTU0MDE@__V1_SX214_The Big Lebowski (R 1998) ***
This movie, written and directed by the Coen Brothers, was weird, but it had a very entertaining and interesting story that kept you interested.  This is a very comical movie about mistaken identity.  I think I was in the perfect mood when I watched this movie.  I do not know that it would have been as funny if I hadn’t been caught on the perfect day for it.  It was definitely entertaining.



Those aren’t all the movies I watched in January.  Click here to see the full list.

Posts coming soon:
An awesome DIY that I’m super proud of
My favorite read from January

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Snow Day! and a Link Up!

Good morning everyone, it is a beautiful snowy day here in Tennessee.  Yesterday my office closed at noon and today it is closed all day!  Today I’m going to be linking up with Lauren and Hayley and The Girl Between the Lines again.  I’m really excited about today’s prompt.

We all imagine what our lives would be like when we were “all grown up”…how does that compare to what your life looks like now?
Everyone plans and dreams about the future.  I remember planning my future in a rather silly way when I was in elementary school.  I would gather around with a bunch of my friends on the bus or at recess, or during class when we weren’t supposed to, and play MASH.  Anyone else remember this game?  It was pretty complex and took a lot of time, but in the end, you would find out whether you would live in a Mansion, Apartment, on the Street, or in a House.  And you would know who you would share it with, how many kids you would have, pets, any number of things.  I know that my future was planned probably 100 different ways using the MASH technique.  Kids have all sorts of games like this that plague their time and thoughts.  We all want to dream about what our lives will look like in the future.

I have a book that I filled out when I was very little and one of the questions in it was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Do you want to guess what I wrote?
A window washer.  What? Yeah, that’s what I said.  A window washer.  Yeah, I don’t know where that came from either.

Our plans and dreams for the future are vast and changing by the minute.  I know that over the course of my (so far rather short) life I have had many plans and dreams about my future.  And while some of them come true, I have found that most of my dreams and expectations have not come true, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.  Some of the things I thought I always wanted are not really what are important to me anymore, so I am glad that they did not come true.

Am I where I always planned and dreamed I would be?  No.
Am I thankful for where and I am and what my life looks like? Yes.
Do I sometimes get wrapped up in the dreams and plans that didn’t come true? Yes.
Would I want to change it?  Sometimes I get caught up in discontent and think that everything should be different, and the way that I want it, but at the same time I know that the reason I’m am where I am is because God has directed it and placed me here, and he must have a reason for that.  So while right now I may not have or be doing everything I thought I wanted, I am where God wants me, and maybe one day he’ll let me see some of my own dreams come true.  I’ll just have to wait and see.

I may not be a billionaire window washer who lives in a Mansion with 5 kids, a red convertible, a basketball player husband, and a pet penguin, but I am a very blessed financial aid counselor, who has a roof over her head, a car that runs, an all star husband, with the promise of an amazing future, and an awesome God.  What more could I want?


The Coen Brothers

I have come to the conclusion that the Coen Brothers are my favorite writers/directors.  I am always blown away by their films.  I really enjoy them.  I watched one this weekend called The Big Lebowski.  I really enjoyed it.  I have seen several of their movies and this weekend I decided that I’d like to try and watch them all–just add that to the list.  I was surprised when I looked up their filmography that I have already seen quite a few of these.  They direct almost all of the movies that they have written, but there were 5 that they have just written that I have also added to my list.  Here are the movies that they have made.  I have bolded the ones that I have already seen.  I have also requested a couple of books on them from the library because I want to learn more about this awesome duo.

Wrote the Screenplay
1985  Crimewave
1994 The Hudsucker Proxy
1998  The Naked Man
2012  Gambit
2014  Unbroken

Wrote the Screenplay and Directed the Film
1984  Blood Simple
1987  Raising Arizona
1990  Miller’s Crossing
1991   Barton Fink
1996 Fargo
1998 The Big Lebowski
2000  O’Brother Where Art Thou?
2001  The Man Who Wasn’t There
2003 Intolerable Cruelty
2004  The Ladykillers
2007 No Country for Old Men
2008  Burn After Reading
2009  A Serious Man
2010  True Grit
2013   Inside Llewyn Davis

I’m pretty excited about this list.
Do you have any favorites on this list?
Which one should I start with?


My 2014 Reading List

My 2014 reading list is currently 128 books home, 1 of those I am currently reading, and three of them are at home waiting to be read.  I keep an ongoing reading list that will increase and decrease throughout the year, but usually I am adding more than I am reading.  I decided to share with you 10 of the books off my reading list that I am most looking forward to reading.

the one#1 The One (#3 in The Selection Series)–Kiera Cass
This is a young adult book series that I have really been enjoying.  I read the first two as soon as they came out and I have just been waiting for this one to come out.  It comes out in May, so I still have a while to wait.  I am so excited about the final book in this series.  I can’t wait to see how it will of heavenly fire

#2 City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments Series)–Cassandra Clare
Lucky for me when I started reading this series there were 5 books in this series already out, so I had quite a few books to hold me for a while, but this book, #6 in the series, doesn’t come out until May.  (May will be a good month).  This series was one of my favorites that I read last year.  The characters are awesome and the stories are so gripping.  I am so excited for this next book in the series.

surprised by joy#3 Surprised by Joy–C.S. Lewis
I read a biography on C.S. Lewis recently that focused a lot on this autobiography.  I am looking forward to reading it.labor day

#4 Labor Day–Joyce Maynard
This movie just came out in theaters and I only just recently found out that it is a book.  The movie looks really interesting, so I decided to add the book to my reading list, and I’m pretty excited about it.

chasing god#5 Chasing God–Angie Smith
I saw this book advertised in a magazine or catalog that I read and I thought it looked really interesting.  It is put out by Women of Faith, and I have read other books in their collection that I have really enjoyed.gone girl

#6 Gone Girl–Gillian Flynn
This book has been a bestseller for a while now, and I have heard that it is really good, I just haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet, but now that the movie is coming out soon I’m really going to have to read it.

MoG_Creative_PB#7 The Digital Diet–Daniel Sieberg
This book has been on a reading list since April 2013 when I heard the author speak at a conference.  I just haven’t read it yet, but I would really like to.
fear nothing
#8 Fear Nothing–Lisa Gardner
This is the next book in the D.D. Warren series and it just recently came out.  I read all the books that had been published so far last year and I have been anxiously awaiting this next book.  Hopefully it lives up to my expectations.

how to be interesting#9 How to be Interesting–Jessica Hagy
I just recently added this to my reading list.  I read a blog post and the author said it was one of her favorite books of the year.  So I am looking forward to this one.

#10 The Kinsey Millhone Series–Sue Graftona is for alibi
Just this last week I read book two in this series and I loved it.  You have probably seen these books around, I had before reading them, they are very good and I am excited to continue in the series this year.

If you have some books on your reading list this year that you are particularly excited about, I would love to hear about them!

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When I’m Sick

I hope you do not feel like I’m whining with all the talk of my being sick.  But I feel like I am sick all the time! 
I figured that since I am sick, what feels like all the time, I would let you know what happens when I am sick.

I sleep, all the time, and never feel like I have rested.
I lay on the couch, drink water, and eat oyster crackers.
I don’t do any housework.
I blow my nose so much that it becomes painful.
I watch the clock for when I can take more medicine.
My shoulder starts to hurt because I’m most comfortable laying on that side of my body.

And this has been going on for 2.5 weeks now.  So that means: there’s no food in the house, the house is a mess, I’m still worn out and want to sleep, but I need the money so I’m blowing my nose raw at work.  And it also means that this week I’m going to find a new doctor.  Hopefully the tides will turn and I’ll start feeling better.  I hope you all are healthy, rested, and that your homes are clean.

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You’re Probably Wondering

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been.
Well, I’ve been pretty busy at work with school starting and also with being sick.
I have been sick for two weeks now and I’m tired of it.  I am just worn out all the time.
Hopefully with this three day weekend I’ll start getting to feeling better.
It’ll be a pretty busy three day weekend.  We have a lot of plans, but hopefully it will be relaxing at the same time.
I hope all of you have a good three day weekend!

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DIY Desire

I did not get a chance to blog yesterday because I was in the car for 12 hours driving back from Illinois.  And boy was I worn out!

Today, I have an itch to craft!  I have been scouring my pinterest boards for the past month looking for a fun craft to do.  I have not had much luck.  How can it be so hard to find a craft?  Well let me tell you.

1-I have next to no wall space left in our apartment.  Just about every space is filled with a photo or a canvas or something.
2-I cannot make any more blankets, hats, or scarves, Adam and I both have more than we can use.
3-I do not have a sewing machine, but I do now have a hot glue gun after Christmas
4-It needs to be relatively inexpensive.  I’m not made of money.

After doing some more looking I found a couple ideas that interest me, but some seem expensive, and some just seem like I would be adding clutter to my house.  So I would love to hear your ideas.  Have you found a great craft that you’d like to share?  Because I want to see it!

What do you think of these ideas?


All of these photos came from Pinterest.  Here are some links to the original sources if Pinterest still had record of them:
Makeup Board
Magnetic Scrabble Board
Nail and Thread Art
Letter Wreath
Kitchen Printables

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Looking Back-Our First Year of Marriage

Today we are going to be attending our first wedding of the year.  This is going to be a year full of weddings for us.  We have some really good friends getting married this year and we are so excited to celebrate with them.  And I am excited to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my best friends!  Today, Adam’s cousin Whitney is getting married and we are so excited to be in Illinois celebrating with her.  Thinking about all the weddings coming up this year make me remember our wedding and recently our first year of marriage.  Looking back, our first year of marriage was pretty crazy.  Let me clue you in to all the crazy things that went on.

weddingFirst, we got married, August 6, 2011.  It was a wonderful day.  We have so many great memories from our wedding day, and it started the next year off right.
We went on about a week long honeymoon, which was amazing.  We went to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin and stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast and had an amazing steak dinner.
honeymoonI feel like we look so young here!  And we’re both so skinny!
After our honeymoon, we packed up our things and we moved into our apartment at Milligan.  During one of the first days of unpacking, Adam stuck his hand in an immersion blender, while it was running, to see how it worked.  That resulted in a trip to the emergency room and several stitches in his finger.  Here is a memorable Facebook post from my sister after this fun event:
fingerAfter the stitches incident, we started our Senior year at Milligan.  Both of us were taking a full load and sometime it felt like we hardly saw each other.  Then, at fall break, we went home to visit our families in Illinois.  On this visit, we hit a dear and really banged up our car.  Luckily, my parents let us borrow their van to go back to school while our car was getting fixed.  It was only a week or two later that we found out that Adam’s grandfather in Florida was not doing very well.  We traveled with the rest of his family down to Florida to see him one last time, and then he passed away.  We traveled the next weekend up to Illinois for the funeral.  The next few months were uneventful and then we had our first married Christmas together.  It was a good time.  And then we started our last semester back to school.  In March, my great-grandmother passed away, and we went to Indiana for the funeral.  It was good to be with the whole family and to celebrate my grandmother.  She was a wonderful person and I miss her.  Not long after that I hurt my shoulder playing basketball.
shoulderThis injury plagues me still today.  We now know that I have a torn tendon in my shoulder.  And this is where it all started.
Then, in May, this beard happened (thanks to no shave last semester) and we graduated from college.
graduationNot long after that, Adam applied and was accepted to Emmanuel, I accepted a job at the Johnson City Medical Center, we saw our best friends get married, and we moved across the street to a bigger apartment.

Adam loves the bigger space!

Adam loves the bigger space!

And then, we spent our first anniversary spending time with friends.

It was definitely a crazy first year of marriage, but it was also a great year of marriage.
To all our friends and loved ones getting married this year we wish you the best and we want you to know that we’re hear for you on this wild ride.

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