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Weekend–highs and lows

This weekend was a mix of high and low points.  Even though it wasn’t the most awesome weekend ever, I still could have used some more of it.


Watching Pitch Perfect, Catch Me If You Can, Patton, and The Brave One

Crocheting:  I did a lot of crocheting this weekend because it is one of the only things that doesn’t make my shoulder worse (post to come soon)

Games:  Adam and I played a lot of games together this weekend and we got to hang out with some good friends, Jacob and Lauren to play games also

Pan Pizza from Dominos with a gift card


Shoulder pain all the time

Not being able to sleep for most of the weekend

money stress

movies that weren’t as good as I was expecting

Having a wonderful blog post written about preparing myself for church and having it deleted and the draft not even saved

Never winning a pioneer woman contest

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A Wrench in my Plans

As I write this I am plucking around on my keyboard with one hand.  My right arm is currently in a sling to prevent me from moving my shoulder.  Let me back up and start from the beginning.

In April of last year I was playing basketball with Adam and a bunch of our friends.  At one point during the game I went up for the rebound and the person behind me also jumped and tried to take the ball.  While doing this, my head was pushed forward and my arm was pulled backward.  I heard a pop in my shoulder and was immediately in a lot of pain.  The next day I was still in a lot of pain.  My whole arm was numb and I could not move it, so I went to see a doctor.

The doctor diagnosed me with brachial plexus.  From Mayo Clinic:  “A brachial plexus injury is an injury to the brachial plexus — the network of nerves that sends signals from your spine to your shoulder, arm and hand. A brachial plexus injury occurs when these nerves are stretched or, in the most serious cases, torn. This happens as result of your shoulder being pressed down forcefully while your head is pushed up and away from that shoulder.”

At the time the doctor said I had two options:  1) have an MRI done 2) sling my shoulder for two weeks and then do physical therapy.  Well physical therapy seemed to be the cheapest route so that’s what we decided to do.  I did about four weeks of physical therapy, and while I was never back to normal, I could at least do some of my regular activities.

For the last year I have been able to do what I wanted with only pain doing certain things, but even then t would never last.  Then a month or two ago my shoulder started to hurt again.  It was noticeable, but with ice it would fade enough for me to forget about it.  Then this week I have been in really bad pain.  The pain has woken me from a dead sleep.  It has been miserable.  I have been losing feeling like I had when it first happened.

So on Wednesday I went back to the doctor.  He said that I still had the same two options, but last time after three weeks of physical therapy I should have been back to normal, so he said I needed to get an MRI because I could have torn something in my shoulder.  When they told me that I would have to pay $300 up front for the MRI and then I would be billed for the additional amount after, I knew we didn’t have the money for the MRI.  So the new plan is to rest my shoulder in a sling for 2-3 weeks, do some physical therapy, save some money, and then do the MRI.

So that means I won’t be able to meet my exercise goal because I can’t exercise.  And for the next 3 weeks it will be hard to clean the house.  So there goes two of my daily goals.  Hopefully I won’t lose any more.


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