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What to do with an Old Frame

on February 6, 2014

When my friend Lauren was moving and we were helping them pack, Adam and I ended up taking quite a few things home.  One of the things that I got was this awesome frame.
IMG_2307I had a couple ideas for what to do with it, but could not find any helpful tutorials on Pinterest or through a Google search, so I used my own ideas and created, what I think, is something awesome!  And now there’s a tutorial for you to use.
These are all the supplies I used in addition to the frame.
IMG_23082 yards of fabric, a hammer, some nails, a stapler, wire cutters, wire, and clothes pins.  I think of everything I had to buy I spent $10.
The first thing I did was put three nails on each side of the frame (on the back of the frame) at equal distances.
IMG_2309Then, I wrapped the wire around the nail, stretched it across, and wrapped it around the other nail, so it looked something like this.
IMG_2311It’s kinda hard to see the wires here, but if you look closely you should see them.  Then, just to be safe and to ensure that the wire didn’t slide off the nail, I hot glued over the top of the nail so there would be no sliding.

The next thing I did was staple the fabric to the back of the frame.
IMG_2313Then, again to be safe, I hot glued on top of the staples to make sure the fabric would not fray around the staples.
IMG_2315So, this is what it looked like after all that:
IMG_2316I wanted this to be like a clothesline for pictures.  So you can hang a bunch of little pictures using clothespins on each wire, or, I decided to put one big picture up for the time being.  Here is the finished product.
IMG_2317Let me know if you have any questions or if any of the instructions are unclear.  Good luck with your own DIY 🙂


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