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Looking Back-Our First Year of Marriage

on January 11, 2014

Today we are going to be attending our first wedding of the year.  This is going to be a year full of weddings for us.  We have some really good friends getting married this year and we are so excited to celebrate with them.  And I am excited to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my best friends!  Today, Adam’s cousin Whitney is getting married and we are so excited to be in Illinois celebrating with her.  Thinking about all the weddings coming up this year make me remember our wedding and recently our first year of marriage.  Looking back, our first year of marriage was pretty crazy.  Let me clue you in to all the crazy things that went on.

weddingFirst, we got married, August 6, 2011.  It was a wonderful day.  We have so many great memories from our wedding day, and it started the next year off right.
We went on about a week long honeymoon, which was amazing.  We went to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin and stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast and had an amazing steak dinner.
honeymoonI feel like we look so young here!  And we’re both so skinny!
After our honeymoon, we packed up our things and we moved into our apartment at Milligan.  During one of the first days of unpacking, Adam stuck his hand in an immersion blender, while it was running, to see how it worked.  That resulted in a trip to the emergency room and several stitches in his finger.  Here is a memorable Facebook post from my sister after this fun event:
fingerAfter the stitches incident, we started our Senior year at Milligan.  Both of us were taking a full load and sometime it felt like we hardly saw each other.  Then, at fall break, we went home to visit our families in Illinois.  On this visit, we hit a dear and really banged up our car.  Luckily, my parents let us borrow their van to go back to school while our car was getting fixed.  It was only a week or two later that we found out that Adam’s grandfather in Florida was not doing very well.  We traveled with the rest of his family down to Florida to see him one last time, and then he passed away.  We traveled the next weekend up to Illinois for the funeral.  The next few months were uneventful and then we had our first married Christmas together.  It was a good time.  And then we started our last semester back to school.  In March, my great-grandmother passed away, and we went to Indiana for the funeral.  It was good to be with the whole family and to celebrate my grandmother.  She was a wonderful person and I miss her.  Not long after that I hurt my shoulder playing basketball.
shoulderThis injury plagues me still today.  We now know that I have a torn tendon in my shoulder.  And this is where it all started.
Then, in May, this beard happened (thanks to no shave last semester) and we graduated from college.
graduationNot long after that, Adam applied and was accepted to Emmanuel, I accepted a job at the Johnson City Medical Center, we saw our best friends get married, and we moved across the street to a bigger apartment.

Adam loves the bigger space!

Adam loves the bigger space!

And then, we spent our first anniversary spending time with friends.

It was definitely a crazy first year of marriage, but it was also a great year of marriage.
To all our friends and loved ones getting married this year we wish you the best and we want you to know that we’re hear for you on this wild ride.


One response to “Looking Back-Our First Year of Marriage

  1. mjcandzack says:

    Love this one very much. I remember so many of these things when Matt and I got married, then Adam’s parents becoming our friends. Our first friends as a married couple. Then Cathy expecting. And being in and out of touch for all these years. Additions to both families. So many moves. So much pizza and cards and laughs. I hope you have friends like that to last the rest of your life like we do with Tom and Cathy. A roller coaster is a great way to think about marriage and life in general. May you never get off the roller coaster, but may God give you times of flat areas, times of pulling you up when you can’t get their yourself, and times of the BIG drop and huge change. It has been a privilege being part of watching Adam continue to grow and moving to this phase in his life with you. Blessings. Janice Conover

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