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Catching up on my Movie Reviews

on November 22, 2013

So, I’ve been watching a bunch of movies, and I have gotten behind on my movie reviews.  In case you have forgotten, I’ve been working on this New List of movies.  I have been rating and reviewing them.  If you are interested in that information check out the New List page and clicking the star rating.  Since I have gotten behind, here is a whole lot of movie reviews for you enjoyment.  Maybe you’ll even find a movie that spikes you interest that you look for this weekend 🙂  And another thing I want you to know before reading:  I love to write movie reviews, but I hate to read them because I am always afraid that there will be spoilers and I hate to have a movie ruined, so rest assured, there are no spoilers in any of the reviews below!

Adam's RibAdam’s Rib  (1949-NR)
This movie is about a man (Spencer Tracy) and his wife (Katherine Hepburn).  They are both lawyers and they end up as prosecutor and defender on the same case.  This makes for a comedic drama of work life and marriage life.  I really enjoyed this movie.  ****

Bringing Up Baby (1938-G)Bringing Up Baby
Another Katherine Hepburn film.  This is a comedy where everything that can go wrong will go wrong for poor Cary Grant.  He is caught between his job and a dynamic personality.  This film had me laughing throughout and I would highly recommend it for a date night.  *****

Clear and Present DangerClear and Present Danger (1994-PG13)
This movie had been on my shelf to watch for almost a month.  And when I finally got around to watching it, I realized it was a sequel.  I figured I needed to see Patriot Games (review below) before watching this one.  After watching Patriot Games, I did have more background on the character.  This movie was fantastic.  It was exciting and there were twists and turns everywhere.  The characters really made me care about what was happening to them.  I was very invested in this movie.  It is a very good action movie, and yet tells an interesting story.  *****

Con AirCon Air (1997-R)
As I told Adam, this is a four star movie.  But if Nicholas Cage hadn’t been in it, it would have been a five star movie!  I really enjoyed this movie, and I would have enjoyed it even more if Nicholas Cage had not have been so annoying!  I could just not handle his accent or his acting.  But the movie was great in spite of him, which is saying a lot in my book.  ****


Deliverance (1972-R)
If I were going to try to describe this movie to you, only one work truly comes to mind: creepy.  This movie is basically about how everything goes wrong on this one canoeing trip.  The music in the movie is very good, and well known, and the acting is also very good.  But it is just plain strange and weird.  ***

DreamgirlsDreamgirls (2006-PG13)
This movie was very good.  I had heard mixed reviews of it, but I actually really enjoyed it.  And the music, oh my goodness the music was amazing.  This movie follows the rise of a singing group called the Dreamettes, and how stardom and fame changes them and their group.  I was very impressed with this movie and found it very entertaining.  Adam watched some of it with me and he liked it but thought it was too long.  ****

Four WeddingsFour Weddings and a Funeral (1994-R)
I had really been looking forward to watching this movie, I had very high hopes for it, but it fell rather short for me.  It was funny in some parts but I found myself waiting around for it to get good.  ***

Hoop DreamsHoop Dreams (1994-PG13)
I did not really know what to expect when I started this movie, but I found it pretty good.  It is a documentary that follows two innercity kids and their dream of playing basketball in the NBA.  It was a very interesting and real movie.  ***

Jurassic Park Jurassic Park (1993-PG13)
Can you believe that up until last week I had never seen Jurassic Park?  I know, I can hardly believe it myself!  Adam and I sat down to watch this movie together last week and we both really enjoyed it.  It was such an entertaining movie to watch.  I highly recommend that if you have not seen this movie that you go out and get it from somewhere and watch it.  It is just that good.  *****

Monsters BallMonster’s Ball (2001-R)
Blah.  Honestly, do not even waste your time with this movie.  I wish that I hadn’t, so let me save you the time and the trouble.  This movie was not good.  I did not like it at all.  *

Patriot Games  (1992-R)Patriot Games
This movie was very entertaining and rather intense.  It was a very good action movie and I enjoyed it.  It also set up the character of Jack Ryan well.  And who plays a better villain than Sean Bean?  ****

Punch Drunk LovePunch Drunk Love (2002-R)
This is another movie that I wish I had not bothered to watch.  It too was blah.  I generally like Adam Sandler, but this movie, nope.  It is a romantic comedy, drama.  It seriously has a personality disorder.  I did not find it romantic or dramaful.  I thought it was just plain stupid.  So again, let me save your time and say, it’s not worth it.  *

Quiz ShowQuiz Show (1994-PG13)
This is a very good and intriguing movie.  It is about the quiz show scandal where they were giving contestants the answers.  Ralph Fiennes plays the guy who started out just being stupid but he let the dollar signs dance in his eyes when they offered him the answers.  This was a very entertaining movie, but in some parts I thought it would serve the movie well to move a little faster.  ***

Shutter Island (2010-R)Shutter Island
Woah.  This movie is amazing.  Adam and I were blown away at the end of this movie.  We loved it.  Throughout the whole film we were both trying to guess where it was going.  Adam had been told the ending to the movie and he still did not think it was going to actually happen.  Now that is the mark of a truly good movie, when you know the ending, and the movie still surprises you and makes you question everything you know.  This is another movie that I highly recommend.  *****

First Wives ClubThe First Wives Club (1996-PG)
I found this movie to be just plain funny.  It is about three friends from college whose husbands have all left them for other women, so they create a club, “The First Wives Club.”  To get everything back.  I love Diane Keaton and I loved her in this role all the same.  ****

great escapeThe Great Escape (1963-NR)

I did not really know what to expect from this movie.  It had been sitting on my shelf for a long time because the 3 hour run time was constantly deterring me from watching it.  But finally I gave in and I am so glad that I did.  This movie was great!  It was entertaining and a really great story.  The characters and the actors who play them are pheneomenal.  I was literally on the edge of my seat in anticipation and suspense towards the end.  Such a good movie!  The only downside is the run time, but it was totally worth it for me.  *****

300 (2007-R)300
This is another one of those movies that I am rather surprised that I have not seen until now.  And I must admit to you that I really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed the story and the artistic vision that the director had with this film.  It was a story that you really wanted to root for.  It was pretty violent, so some of you might want to wait to see it until it is on TV.  But you should watch it, at least on TV.  *****

The ProducersThe Producers (1968-PG)
This movie was not at all what I expected it to be.  I thought I knew what it was about going into it, but I did not, and I am so glad too, because what the actual movie was about was a bunch better than what I had thought going into it.  This movie follows two producers who learn that if they get investors for a Broadway production that flops they will actually make more money themselves.  So what do they do?  They try to find the worst, most offensive play possible, a terrible director, and actors that can’t act.  What happens next will surprise you.  This movie was hilarious and I highly recommend it.  I am excited to see the Matthew Broderick remake to see how it compares.  ****

Working Girl (1988-R)Working Girl
This movie was just okay.  It was terrible but it wasn’t awesome either.  It was just okay.  This movie follows a girl who actually has a mind for business, but no one things she does.  Then, her boss steals one of her ideas.  So when her boss is away, she decides that she is going to take charge and get her idea back.  Pretty good, but not my favorite.  **

Well that gets me caught up with the movies that I have watched recently, and don’t worry, I’ll get better about reviewing a movie as soon as I watch it, I promise.  I hope one of these peaked your interest, and if you watch one I hope you enjoy it!


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