My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…


on October 7, 2013

gravity  This weekend, Adam and I went to see a movie.  I narrowed it down to three choices and he got to pick.  He picked Gravity and it was amazing!  In our theater it was only showing in 3D and it was well worth it.  I highly recommend this film.  It was amazing.  And I would say is definitely one that needs to be seen in theaters and in 3D.  Most often when I see a movie in 3D I do not think the 3D really adds anything to the film.  But with Gravity it really makes the whole movie that much better by seeing it in 3D.  If you are trying to decide what movie to watch in theaters the next couple weeks, I would say definitely see this one.  Sandra Bullock is amazing in it.  If you get anything out of this post, please let it be that I highly recommend this movie.


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