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My Top 10 Favorite TV Shows

on September 5, 2013


Honorable Mention–Law and Order: Criminal Intent–For a long time growing up my dad and I never missed an episode of this series.  We loved it!  I didn’t like it so much after they starting switching up the actors in it, but this will always be a show that I enjoy.


10–What Not To Wear–I have always loved this show.  They are in the final season right now which makes me pretty sad because now Stacy and Clinton will never surprise me with a surprise shopping spree!  It’s too bad because I could really use one.
99–Restaurant Impossible–Adam and I love to watch this show.  And it seems like there is always an episode on that we haven’t seen.  If you haven’t seen this show, you should try to find at least one episode to watch.  Robert Irvine goes to a failing restaurant and tells them everything they are doing wrong and fixes it.  It’s pretty entertaining.
78–Grey’s Anatomy–I got hooked on this show my freshman year of college when me and all my friends would have late night marathons of this show.  We started at the beginning and worked our way through six seasons.  I have kept up with it ever since.  I just love all the characters and the drama.  I already preordered season 9 and it should be here today!  And then Lauren, Amanda and I will have a marathon on Saturday!  I’m so excited!

7–Rizzoli and Isles–I love this show and I love all of the characters in it!  The show is suspenseful, funny, and entertaining.  I love the show so much that I read all of the books that it is based on.  This show is currently on season 4 and I am really enjoying it.

6–Love it or List it–This show is on HGTV and I find it very entertaining.  The idea of the show is there is this family where one person hates the house they are living in and the other person loves it.  So they bring in a designer and a realtor.  The designer is renovating the house to make them love it again and the realtor is trying to find the perfect house to make them list the old one.


5-The Big Bang Theory–This show is one of my favorites because it is one that Adam and I really enjoy watching together.  We watch the new episodes on TV, reruns on TBS, and sometimes we stick in the DVDs.  Late at night, most likely we have this on in our apartment.  It is so funny and we really enjoy it.

114–Friends–This is another one that Adam and I watch together and never get sick of.  It is so funny.  We watch the reruns over and over!
43–Graceland–This is my new favorite show on television!  If you are not watching it, you should be.  Tonight is the first of the last two episodes of the season and it is going to be over too soon.  This show is awesome.  (Grandpa, if you haven’t been watching this I think you would like it).  And as an added bonus, Adam enjoys it too!
22–The Cosby Show–I love this show.  It’s a good thing that I have every season on DVD because you can hardly ever find it on TV any more.  This show is hilarious and it doesn’t matter how many times I have seen the episodes because I still love them.  If I have any say in it, my children will watch this show.

And finally, my favorite show of all time:
11–The Closer–This show was my absolute favorite-ever.  And then it was the last season and in the final episode, I cried.  I cannot believe that it is over.  This is a show that my dad and I never missed, we always enjoyed watching it together.  I have every season on DVD and I think I’m going to start at the beginning.  Also, a piece of trivia–in the final season, at one of the biggest twists in the show–I was upstairs in my apartment doubled over in pain from a kidney stone and missed it.  And I didn’t believe Adam when he told me what had happened.  Such a great show.

What are you favorite TV shows?  Do you have any suggestions of a show I should watch?


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