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Real Nails or Fake Nails?

on September 4, 2013

First instinct response: Real.  I’ve only had fake nails once in my entire life and it didn’t end well.

The only time I have ever had fake nails was for my senior prom.  I went with my friends to get them done and then I had an honor band concert at Bradley University.  While I was there, I was playing cards with some friends before the concert.  In the game we were playing, you had to slap the jacks when they came up (I know it sounds like “Slap Jack”, but it was a little more complicated than that.”  Well, this one time I went to slap the jack at the same time someone else went to.  Our hands connected and off popped my pinky nail fake nail.  Only it wasn’t just the fake nail that came off…no, it pulled my real nail off as well!!  So I had 9 fake nails for my senior prom and no pinky nail.  So I’ve been scared of fake nails ever since.

But I do have to say that I have a very bad habit of biting my nails and I think fake nails would help that because I wouldn’t be able to get to my real nails.  And my nails would just look better all around.

And if I ever did get fake nails, I can assure you that they would never ever look like this:
ewEw.  Not gonna lie, these kinda creep me out.

What about you?  Real or fake nails?


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