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I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…

Are you sick of me yet?

Once I hit “Publish” on this post this will be my 200th blog post.


Are you sick of reading yet?  Am I boring you?

I hope not because I sure am enjoying blogging.

Here’s to another 200 blog posts!

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10 things I have in my purse that are absolutely necessary

My purse is way to big and most of the time it hurts my arm to carry.  But there are certain things I just have to have in my purse.  These are the things that I never leave home without them in my purse.

1. My Keys
2. A Book
3. My Planner
4. Chapstick
5. At least 3 pens (gotta have a backup)
6. EpiPen and Benadryl
7. Ibuprofen
8. Wallet
9. Flashdrive
10. IPod

What can you not leave the house without?

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My Name

My name is Lauren.  If I was were a boy my name would be Preston.

Lauren means: laurel, which is a small European evergreen tree.

My parents did not name me after a laurel.  They named me after a family member.  And right now I can’t remember which one.  (Mom, Dad, want to help me out?)

I’ve always like my name.  But I have noticed that growing up there were always a lot of Laurens in my grade.  It must have been popular.  In high school we had 5 Lauren’s in my grade.  Yeah, talk about confusing.

And even now my best friend is a Lauren.  It must just be a good solid name 🙂  I’m not complaining.

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Prayer Requests

I’m sorry that I’ve gotten behind on posting my prayer requests.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have them though.

Prayer Requests

Travel for students heading back to school
Adam put a resume in to a church in the area and we’re pretty hopeful about it
Stress at Work

My sister will be close again soon!
Thankful to be involved in a great bible study and to have great friends
Thankful that Adam and I got to celebrate our anniversary together

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Having all of those prompts to write about in July were super helpful to get me writing!  I have created a list, (over there –>) of prompts to reference when I get stuck.  Hopefully that will keep me writing even when I don’t know what to write about.

Check it out and comment if there is anything you think I should add to the list.

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Reading Update

In January when I started Goodreads I set a goal of reading 100 books this year.  Well, I have surpassed that goal and have increased it to 150.

So far this year I have read 107 books.  That is about 13-15 books a month.

I have read a total of 35,565 pages and the longest book I read was 1,177 pages long.

I’m currently 17% ahead of my new goal and I’m hoping to have to increase it again before the year is up!


If you haven’t joined Goodreads, I highly recommend it.  You can keep track of the books that you have read and get recommendations based on your favorite books or from your friends.  Here is a link to join goodreads and automatically become my friend!

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Two Years and Counting

Gosh! I cannot believe that it has been two years since I got married to my best friend!
296949_10150397852606233_1484175658_nIt feels like it has been a lot longer.  But I’m not complaining 🙂

It has been a great two years and I am so excited for the many years to come!

The other night I looked over at Adam and I had the most wonderful thought:  “I get to spend 70 more years with this man.”  And that made me so happy!  Of course when I told Adam he said, “That’s it?  I’m planning to live to be 100.”

Thank you Adam for being a wonderful husband and best friend.  I am so happy you asked me to marry you!

And thank you to everyone who helped make our special day so awesome and something we will always remember.  We love you all!

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New Blog

No, not mine, but someone related to me.

It’s my awesome sister!
And this is her new, awesome blog.  Check it out!

And as long as you are trying something new, you should also check out my best friend’s blog, also a Lauren, it must be the name.  She is wonderful and a great writer.  I hope you enjoy reading her blog as much as I do 🙂
The Albrechts Blog

And here’s one more gem for you.  My longest childhood friend just moved to Indonesia.  She is going to be starting very soon now to teach Kindergarden over there.  Here is her blog about the experience:

Check out these blogs and you won’t be disappointed!


My night in

Tonight Adam went to a friends house to play Risk.  Which meant I had about 5.5 hours in the house to myself.  This is how I spent them:
An evening walk with a walking inspired playlist:
IMG_1958Then, I settled in with a stack of movies and a good book:
IMG_1960I started with Simon Birch and while I was watching I spent some time writing some notes.  (By the way, the movie was really good and made me bawl).
IMG_1962Isn’t that a cute “T” stamp?  I love it!
Then, my delicious Dominos hand tossed cheese pizza arrived.  And boy was it delicious!!  Gotta love extra cheese
IMG_1963After my yummy dinner and my movie was over, I had a nice chat with my mother and then I put in another movie, Top Hat, which I also really enjoyed.  And did some self pampering.
IMG_1964And to top it off, milk’s favorite cookie and mine.  The perfect end to my evening!
It was a great night, but I was definitely happy for Adam to be home.

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