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Welcome Back

on August 20, 2013

It has been so busy around here.  I haven’t had time to blog.  I have been busy the last two weeks getting ready for registration and it’s here.  Yesterday and today are registration days which are very hectic for financial aid.  But I’m glad that the students are back.  So, welcome back students.

I also wanted to say to myself: “Welcome back to Pinterest!”  Since I was ahead of schedule this morning before work I took some time to welcome myself back to Pinterest.  Here are some of my favorite pins from my pinning this morning:

1I wish I had a princess apron 🙂
2I wish I had a cute bench to decorate.  Or a place to put a cute bench like this.

And this is for my father and my grandfather:  Enjoy!


I have sure missed Pinterest!

One response to “Welcome Back

  1. Ron Eversole says:

    Thanks. Wish the Unibrow was still in Lexington!

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