My Twentysomething Life

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on July 10, 2013

I just had a terrible realization!

I have really been struggling with reading my Bible lately.  I’ve been really trying, but I have gotten lazy and I am not spending the time reading my Bible that I should.

Nifty Goodreads keeps track of all the pages that I have read each year.  So far this year I have read 30,619 pages.

Do you know how many pages are in my Bible?  1036.

Yeah, if I had been reading my Bible for all those pages, I could have read my Bible 29 and a half times!! Can you believe that?!  And I haven’t even made it through once.  I think I’ve only read 10 books of the Bible so far this year!

This is a seriously shocking realization for me.  Clearly I am not making reading my Bible the priority that it should be.


One response to “Shocking!

  1. Ron Eversole says:

    Reading the Bible is certainly one indicator of one’s “spiritual health” – there are others. We all need to take inventory of where we stand in each area. I’m glad you are thinking about this.

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