My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…


on July 7, 2013

Adam and I left for Illinois back on Wednesday.  We stopped almost halfway on Wednesday night at my parents house and finished up the rest of the drive on Thursday.  Last night we stayed at my parents again on our way home and we finished up the drive today.

I am no stranger to long car rides.  My mom doesn’t like to fly, so growing up every vacation my family took, we drove.  Some of these were pretty long trips with lots of time in the car.  Usually we would have pull and peel twizzlers and other snacks along with a new case of Adventures in Odyssey CD’s.  These got us through many a car ride.  They are pretty awesome.

Now that it is just Adam and I making these long car rides, we just listen to music (because books on tape put us both to sleep).  If I’m driving, Adam is asleep, no question.  If Adam is driving I am usually reading because I can’t sleep.

I miss our long family vacations in the car.  I can’t wait until Adam and I have kids and get to go on family vacations!


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