My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…


on June 4, 2013

Well, Adam heard something at the beginning of this weekend that neither one of us thought I would ever say: “I’m so excited.  I miss my family.”  I never thought I would say this, because it is generally a new feeling for me.  All through college, I guess you could say I was glad to be away, and to have my freedom.  Even when I was five I was perfectly happy to go somewhere where my parents were not.  I never suffered from homesickness.  Until recently.  Recently I have really been missing my family.  This last weekend Adam and I went to Lexington to spend time with them.  And it was much needed!  One of the projects I brought home with me is all of the many years of my mothers photos.  My new project is to organize and scrapbook them.  And I’m actually looking forward to it.  Now please don’t hear my wrong, I have always loved my family.  I just was okay to be away from them every once and a while.
Check out these classy family photos from over the years:
17850_259231435419_4927883_nAw 🙂  Aren’t we a good looking family?
17850_259233905419_1513429_nAnd aren’t we so very patriotic?  (And look at Amanda with her cheeks full of bubblegum).
197295_19546361232_4958_nAw.  This is before my Junior prom.  Isn’t this a classic father/daughter pose?
17850_271765890419_7562449_nThis picture commemorates when we actually started to like each other.  Haha.
300791_10150397844221233_628091117_nThis is one of my favorite pictures from the wedding.  I think it is precious 🙂

One of the best things about getting married was getting to be a part of a whole new family!  I love being a part of the Tomlinson family!
Family has become very important to me.  I can’t believe that I took them for granted for so many years.  I will never do that again!


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