My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…

I Declare

on May 23, 2013

I declare this weekend organization weekend (I wish I had a more clever title than that).

I have a desire to be organized and have a cleaning schedule and do all those kinds of things that a good wife should do.  I do not know where exactly this desire comes from because it is obviously not coming from my brain, because my brain is definitely not on board with it.  I think we have talked about this before, but don’t feel the need to stop me.

Over the years I have tried countless ways to get myself organized.  I have tried binders, checklists, reminders that hang on the wall and nothing seems to work.

So this weekend, I am scrapping it all and starting over.  I do not have a real plan, I’m just going to see what naturally comes out of it.  Who knows, it could be chaos, or it could be genius.  I guess we shall see.



And obviously if I were really all that organized and scheduled I wouldn’t keep forgetting about the Thursday-Morning Tell-About.


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