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Movie Lists

on May 22, 2013

It is fun to have goals and to be able to check things off a list.  I know that I do not need a list to watch and enjoy the movies that I watch.  But it just makes it more fun to keep track and check them off.  So in my last post I asked for suggestions on the next list that I should work on.  I got a few suggestions.

One suggestion was all the Disney movies.  This one sounded really fun.  I love Disney movies.  And then I looked up the list of them.  Did you know that there are 483 Disney movies?  I never realized there were that many.  I’ve always known that they put out a lot of movies, but I never realized just how many.  I counted up the ones that I have already seen and I have seen 176 of them.  Not bad, but that still leaves me 307 to watch.

Another suggestion was to watch all the nominees for best picture.  This is a list of 503 movies, including this most recent Oscar awards show, and I have watched 176 of them.  That leaves me with 327 to watch.

The last suggestion and the one I’m leaning toward is the American Film Institutes’ top 100 list.  I counted up the ones I had already seen, and came up with 58.  So that only leaves me with 42 to watch, and they must be good.

Is there a list of movies that you would most enjoy reading about?  Vote here on which list you think I should start checking off.


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