My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…

Saying I’m Sorry

on May 14, 2013

Sorry.  I have been totally unmotivated to blog the last few days.  We had a pretty busy, but good, weekend and I’ve just been feeling crummy.  I feel like I feel sick more than I feel well and I just hate that.  Tomorrow I’m going to go see an allergist and then next Tuesday I am going to have a regular doctors appointment because I just want to start feeling better.

There’s a lot of things on my to-do list, but I’ve been pretty apathetic about all of them.  I bought some strawberries to plant almost two weeks ago and I have not gotten my weeding done to plant them and now I’m afraid they are going to die before I plant them.  So I really need to finish my weeding today or tomorrow.  There is no food in the house because I haven’t wanted to go to the grocery store.  And the house is messy–as always.  Hopefully I can get my act together this week.

So again, I’m sorry that it has been quite a few days since I have blogged and I have missed it but I just haven’t felt like I have had anything to talk about.  Any ideas?


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