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Weekend Fun

on May 7, 2013

I just realized that it has been a while since I blogged.  It was a pretty busy (but awesome) weekend and start of the week.

Friday night was the last game night at Emmanuel.  I got to hold a beautiful four week old baby and she fell asleep on me, and she was just so cute.  Even when she was crying.  All Adam kept telling me was “no.”  But she was so cute and precious.  They always play these intense games at game night, so this time I took Cranium and a couple other fun games that are not quite as intense, hoping to play some of them, but I didn’t get to.  So if anyone out there wants to play fun games, I am definitely ready for a game night!  After game night, Adam went over to our neighbors house to play another game and I stayed home and watched Unstoppable on television, which I always enjoy watching.

Saturday morning we got to sleep in and take it easy.  Adam recently decided that he wanted to start skateboarding over the summer, and since he had some entertainment money saved up, we went Saturday afternoon and bought him a skateboard.  The last couple days he has been trying to learn how to olie (I think I spelled that right…)  Around three we got in the car and headed to Ashville for the Relient K concert (our favorite band!)  We picked up our tickets from will call and walked around Asheville to find something to eat.  We found a Mexican restaurant to eat at and then we still had almost two hours before the doors opened so we walked around Asheville some more (in the rain) but it was fun to spend time together.  We got in line around 6:30 and waited for the doors to open.  The concert was at the Orange Peel.  We had never been there before but it was a really neat concert venue and we really enjoyed it.  Since we were already tired from walking around, we snagged a couple stools at the back of the room.  The concert started at 8pm and there were three bands that played before Relient K.  First was Mike Mains and the Branches, which Adam and I both really loved.  We thought they were the best of the opening bands.  Second was William Beckett.  And third was Hellogoodbye.  They all did a really good job.  Before Relient K played, Adam and I moved toward the front and ended up about 6 rows away from the stage.  Needless to say, Relient K was awesome.  We both had so much fun!  It was a great concert and a great date night for both of us.

Sunday we just took it easy.  It was a great weekend.

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