My Twentysomething Life

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on April 26, 2013

1 When you call your bank to check your account balance (because their online banking system is terrible), should you question it when they tell you that you have over $100 more in the bank then you thought you did?  Now the business major in me is bothered by that.  I reconcile our bank statement with my excel spreadsheet every month and I can usually get it to balance with what they are saying by subtracting the transactions that haven’t gone through yet.  But I am all caught up with transactions and I still don’t balance.  Part of me says, it’s just a surprise from God, adjust your excel spreadsheet with an added bonus and move on.  But the other part of my, the business side where nothing can be that easy, says find out where the problem is and what’s going on.  I am confused as to how I have more money than I thought I did because I only take money out when I have the receipts and I don’t think I would accidently take out more money than I was supposed to.  Anyways, I am befuddled and confused by this, but I guess I’ll just thank God for the extra cushion and move on, with my eye twitching…


One response to “Befuddlement

  1. Ron Eversole says:

    Just remember this: When they discover their mistake, they’ll correct it and you’ll suddenly have $100.00 less than they told you you had. (That’s means you were right in the first place.) If you’ve spent the “gift”, you’ll have to find a way to replace it. This never comes at a convenient time. I’d wait a long time before I assumes the extra money was really mine.

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