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Too Fast Weekend

on April 23, 2013

My weekend was way too fast and I did not get very much rest, which I was hoping for.

Friday night I got to hang out with my good friend Becky who I had not gotten to hang out with since before Thanksgiving.  Yeah, it had been way too long.  It was a very refreshing and rejuvenating time.  We talked about our future as ministers wives, and I really had a good time catching up.  When I went home, I was working on the laundry when Adam came home and said he was really hungry.  So we got to go out for a late snack with our other really good friends Jacob and Lauren.  It was great to see them and catch up!  I had to go to bed early on Friday night because I had to work on Saturday (this was my third weekend in a row that I had to work or travel on the weekend.  I could really use a day to sleep in).

Saturday morning I got up bright and early and headed to work for Connections.  Connections is an event at Milligan where students who are planning on coming in for the Fall can come and do their orientation, sign up for classes, and complete their financial aid.  So I answered lots of financial aid questions and my four hours of work went by pretty quickly.  After that, I had brunch with my sister.  And since I didn’t get to see her on her actual birthday, I took her to Into the Fire to paint some pottery (pictures to come).  This is what we did last year for her birthday, so I guess we’re making a tradition.  I’m going to a shower on Saturday and am supposed to wear a little black dress, which I had none.  So I did some shopping with Amanda on Saturday and I am so excited about the LBD I found.  It is so cute!  And it was cheap!

When I got home, Adam and I got ready to go out for a date, which we hadn’t done in a long time.  We went to the theater and saw the movie “42” and absolutely loved it!  We highly recommend it.  Afterwards, we got some Main Street meat lovers pizza, which was delicious!  It was a great date night!

On Sunday I was worn out, and so I didn’t get anything done that I wanted to, but I needed the rest.  The weekend definitely went by way too fast!


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