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Learning About Financial Aid

on April 15, 2013

Yesterday and today I spent the full day learning about Financial Aid.  Tomorrow will be more of the same.  We have been learning about how to deal with distressed students, Federal and State programs, and so much more!

Do you know what I am learning?

Learning about Financial Aid depresses me.  It makes me think that aid will be very different and complicated when my children are in college.  And college is probably going to be crazy expensive by then.

I think Adam and I will probably have to start saving now to put our children through school.  Phew.  I’m overwhelmed just thinking about all the money we’ll have to save.

I hope financial aid gets better instead of worse, but I’m not sure how.  We shall see.


On the plus side, we got to do some shopping tonight, and I got to go to my favorite store: Kirklands. Yay!

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