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Weird Food and Encouragement

on April 13, 2013

All of the conference details, the ones you care about, and the ones you don’t—Part 5
Saturday Night

Saturday night at the RCC convention was my favorite event of the week, the Wilbur Awards.  The Wilbur Awards (from the RCC Website):

                “recognize the work of individuals in secular media who communicate religious issues, values and themes with the utmost professionalism, fairness and honesty.”

The basically are awards for secular communicators who show excellence in communicating a religious topic.

I thought this was a really cool thing to give awards for.  And, the recipients of the awards really seemed to feel honored that the RCC recognized the hard work that went into communicating their topics.  A full list of this years and other years members can be found here.

I really enjoyed seeing the examples of all the work had been done and I was surprised to find myself with tears in my eyes at some points.  I just think this is a really awesome part of the RCC.

And my final tale is this:  all week I was worried about the hotel catering some of the meals.  And Saturday night proves the reason why.  I get to dinner on Saturday and there is front of me is a salad with nuts and oranges on top.  For those of you who don’t know, I am allergic to both.  There was also a nutty dessert already on the table.  Great two things I couldn’t eat.  Then, they brought the main dish.  On the plate was, steak, salmon, and green beans.  The salmon was in a coconut cream sauce (allergic) and the green beans had nuts crunched on top (#whodoesthat?).  So, I kindly told my server that I was allergic and asked him to bring me a vegetarian plate (since you can do weird things to meat) and I gave him a card with a list of all the other things I was allergic to.

An hour later he brings out my food.  I wish I had taken a picture of it because there is really no way to explain it to you besides….really weird.  No one at my table knew what it was.  It was a square blob, it was a lot of white, and spinach and then some weird pot pie crust on top.  I could see some layered noodles, so I asked the server if it was lasagna.  He laughed at me and said no.  So I asked if it was like a vegetarian equivalent of lasagna.  He again, said no, it’s not lasagna.  So I said, “What is it?”  Because it looked really strange and I wanted to know what I was eating.  He said, “It doesn’t have anything in it that was on your list” and he walked away.  Gee.  Thanks.

I picked off the top crust, because that just looked too suspicious for me.  And I took a deep breath and took a bite.  Let me tell you what I could taste.  Spinach, noodles, mashed potatoes, and a kind of alfredo sauce. Bleck.  But I would definitely have called it some kind of lasagna equivalent.  It was noodle, mashed potatoes, noodle, mashed potatoes, noodle.  All covered in the weird spinach alfredo ish sauce.  Top with the too weird to eat pot pie crust.  Yeah.  It was not good.  The people at my table said that it was probably all the safe ingredients they could find in the kitchen thrown together.  Yuck.  So there you go, the best night of the week, with the worst meal.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my week.  I really had a great time.


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