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Fun Filled Film Friday

on April 13, 2013

We are twelve days into April and so far my film watching has been pitiful.  That probably has to do with a) being out of town for five days and b) being very busy.  The first movie I watched this month I watched on Monday with my sister.  We watched Melinda and Melinda, which was a Woody Allen movie that I really enjoyed.

Because I felt so pitiful with my movie watching lately, and really I just wanted to watch some movies, I watched three on Friday night.  Yes, it was awesome.

First, Adam and I got Hitchcock from the Redbox.  We had really hoped to be able to see it in theaters, but it never came to a theater near us.  This movie was fantastic!  We really enjoyed it.  It is all about Hitchcock making Psycho.  It is important because he had to fund it himself because everyone thought it would be awful.  Hitchcock was a genius when he made Psycho.  His directing and his marketing of the film was spectacular!  I read the book that the film was based on and it was great as well.  I was really happy with this film version of the book.  I thought it was great!  I highly, highly recommend this movie, especially if you love the genius of Hitchcock as much as I do!

The next two movies I watched by myself while Adam was playing a game with his friends.  The first was Red Dawn.  For those of you who don’t know, it is a recent remake of a 1984 film starring Patrick Swayze.  This remake has Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, and Josh Hutcherson (and my uncle was a location manager on the film).  I was not sure if I was going to like this movie, but I wanted to see it for two reason 1) because my uncle worked on it and 2) and I love all of these actors, and a bonus reason–I wanted to see if Josh Peck could pull of an action/drama role.  And I would say he did!  I actually really enjoyed this movie.  It was faced paced and full of good action.  I kinda want to see the original now.

The last movie of the night was Around the World in 80 Days.  It was one of the last three (!) best picture movies that I had to watch (yes, I only have two more now!).  I had seen the remake with Jackie Chan a few years back, so I knew the story ahead of time.  But this version was much better.  This movie was not a favorite of all the ones I have watched, but I still found it entertaining.  and it had a lot of good music.

It’s good that I got to watch three movies on Friday night because I’m going to be out of town until Wendesday and won’t get to watch any until I get home.  I have my eye on a few more at the Redbox, and Adam and I are going to go see 42 when I get back next week (so excited!)

Have you watched any good movies lately?
Is there a movie in the theater you are dying to see?

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